Tuesday, November 02, 2004

we have a wedding website!!!

yup. rey and i now have a wedding website.

it's not much (as your talking to an html ignoramus) but just the thought of being able to create one makes me giddy! never in my life have i imagined that i can someday create a website (of course, i haven't heard of freeweb's idiot-free website maker then.)

parenthetically, why is it called "idiot-free" when i'm quite certain that their site is full of webpages made by html-idiots like me?


len said...

freewebs was also my passport to making websites! :) great job abie, really! i enjoyed browsing - the look is simple but elegant, and made more interesting by the witty comments! props to you :)

abieco said...

thanks, len!

happy naman ako that you enjoyed our website. even if i wasn't the one who actually made the template, at least i can say that i picked a nice one! hahaha.

i enjoyed making it din. i didn't think i'd have so much fun.


Abbie eXcites said...

Nice site! Love your paper crane theme. So simple yet symbolic. :)

Chris&Monet said...

Ganda ng site nyo Abie! Ngayon ko lang ulit na-review ang details ng wedding and lalo akong na-excite for you. Sandali nalang!:) Take care!

abieco said...

hi, abbie and monet. thanks for visiting our site!