Sunday, November 21, 2004

farewell to ash

ash has been fatherlily's gift to me for graduating first in my high school class. we got her from the store on the day that mt. pinatubo erupted. she was so little but full of life. she would lick my hand everytime i was near her. she was our little bundle of joy.

ash was with me throughout my college and law school days. she'd cuddle next to me everytime i was sick or every time i was feeling low. she'd sit on fatherlily's lap everytime he picked me up from school. she slept at my feet when i was working on my thesis. she only stopped sleeping in my room when she decided to sleep with my mom a few years ago. at that time, motherlily's kidneys had failed and her dialysis left her weak. for the past few weeks, she had been sleeping next door with nanay lilia, who has been living alone.

i've always felt bad about leaving ash behind when rey and i get married. but ash was 13 and her eyesight had deteriorated over the past few years. we didn't think that she could handle the change. in fact, her health had already deteriorated a year ago. she only regained her energy when porkchop joined us last november.

but now, i wouldn't be leaving ash behind. she has, instead left us. earlier this afternoon, she died in her sleep.

i miss ash.


mai said...

My condolences. Pets are really friends and a joy to have around and its a terrible thing when they go.

When a pet dies, I try to think nalang na if ever I end up in heaven, heaven will be a place where all my pets are so we can be together again. Nice diba?

Mik said...

Hi, Abie
My eyes were tearing up when I read this entry. Our first dog, Skippy, was also 13 when he died from a cold his 13-year old immune system couldn't win against.
I am sure Ash fell asleep knowing she was loved and that she had lived a great life.

laine said...

sorry about ash :( i'm not fond of dogs but when i was young, we had a dog that i learned to love and i really cried when she died. she was the only dog that i hugged and played with and until now i miss her. we have so many pets right now (2 shih-tzus, 2 dachshund pups & 2 askals :p, 3 african lovebirds, 20+ lovebirds, arowana, 4 flower horns & 1 hamster) but i prefer to take care of the fishes and the birds than the dogs. if ralph and i are going to have a dog someday, i'll prefer the smaller breed especially the short haired ones...... or fish na lang kaya :)

len said...

awww... i can totally relate abbie! so much that my eyes were brimming. my condolences :(

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

****hugs***** Abie. I'm a pet lover myself and I felt the same way when my pet cat left us 3 years ago. Treasure the good memories na lang.

mrs.S said...

that's so sad, abie. how're you holding up? i'm sure ash knows she was loved well.

tin ni roLand

abieco said...

thank you so much for your comforting words. i still get teary eyed when i talk about ash and i really miss her. but as they say, this too shall pass.