Thursday, November 11, 2004

less than 2 months to go before THE DAY!

i'm not yet in a state panic but i can see physical signs of stress - pimples on my chin, sleeping late and waking up early and a chronic pain on my right shoulder.

so like any o-c person, i made this list.


marriage license - rey to pick up license from elen on monday
officiating priest/officer – care of rey
us - rey and i already had our warts removed last october. ang sakit!!! rey bikes in the morning and works out in the afternoon. i have been on a no-rice diet for 2 weeks. i have not seen any results but dowa and dio said that i look like i lost weight.



venue - mandarin - we had our food tasting and we will have a meeting with our ae, balay kandila and sound syndrome on november 26, at 3 pm. kate (our ae) will be sending us our final menu and a summary of what was discussed during the food tasting.
menu - kate still has to check if she can throw in the mango sago for free.
liquor - bought the red wine jacob's creek). still looking for asti and white grape sparkling wine. duty free? hmmm.
physical arrangements - balay kandila to show mock-up on november 16 at 10 am. fatherlily to supervise folding of cranes. i'm thinking of asking kat and pia to help fatherlily.
sound system - sound syndrome - waiting for the final quotation from sound syndrome.
program - done, with rey for review and comments. rey to choose songs.
hosts - renan or miscen


musicians - will need to finalize song list with mia.
other music - buy 6 blank cds and get cds from len. get sissel cd from grace.
audio-visual presentation (avp) - still toying with the idea of flashing our pictures thru a projector during cocktails. I already started working on it using the DVD writer that rey gave me.


guest list - done. but rey has been revising the supposedly final guest list every week!
entourage list - done.
principal sponsors - we will have dinner with sp and annette on november 11, afv probably on november 16 (after lunch). rey has yet to schedule a meeting with cong. lokin.
seating arrangements - discuss with rey


gowns - first fitting done. i just have to remind my designer that i do not want any embroidery on my gown. i have to bug my sister, suzanne, who recently gave birth to have her measurements taken and to have ding design her gown. i also have to ask ding the cost of the 3 additional gowns.
accessories - done . thinking of having reception earrings extended.
rings - done. we still need to decide on the engraving, though. need to find a nice box! bazaars?
hair and make-up - eddie bruan - paid downpayment.
shoes - still have to buy those ballet flats! slippers and reception shoes already with me.
groom's attire - rey does not want to have his measurements taken until december.
father of the bride's attire - got the fabric! papa will have it sewn by his favorite tailor by december.


invites - still have to find a nice horizontal divider. should be ready by november 15! i still need to fold about 30 cranes! decide on packaging of cocktail invites
envelopes - done.
table numbers - still thinking if we want this.
guest sheets - December 15?
menu and program cards - wait for final menu. decide if we want program cards.


photographer and videographer - eddieboy escudero, john aguas, carlo villonco, jaso nmagbanua - i just need to give them final instructions sometime in november.
cake - bizu and chocolate cake from polly's. ronald has to draw the design.
flowers - boy mahusay.
souvenirs - just gave mervin the go signal to mass produce the cds. we'll have to assemble the cd sleeves before the end of november and have them all wrapped in rey's house.
gifts for parents - still looking!
hotel accommodations - decide on getting junior suite or club suite.
honeymoon - c/o rey


autumn said...

hey abie,

we bought 5 cases of asti martini at s&r (at less than php400.00/bottle, the cheapest i've scouted so far!) and 3 cases of chamdor white sparkling bubblers from the distributor (louis maclean, at php160.00/bottle if you get at least 1 case). this way, our guests have the option to choose between alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. i've decided not to serve still red or white wine anymore.

hope this helps. :-)

by the way, thanks for your very detailed "review" of wines in w@w. i used that when i was deciding which wines to buy.

abieco said...

hi, autumn! thanks for the tip. w

e'll check out sand r next week. rey's already excited to eat the pepperoni pizza.