Tuesday, November 16, 2004

more wedding updates

lapit na ng wedding namin and we're so excited! here's a list what kept us busy these past few days:

1. scheduled meetings with our principal sponsors

we were supposed to have dinner with ninong s and his wife last thursday (november 11). unfortunately, ninong s got sick. but since our mind was already set on eating sitio's delicious crispy pata, rey and i decided to push through with the dinner. we invited kat, our best girl (let's just say that if i had an entourage, she'll be the maid of honor,) to join us. as usual, kat was able to join us even if i just gave her a call 2 hours before dinner. after dinner we went to san mig to meet with ojai, rey's best man. we were able to give them an idea of our reception program.

on saturday morning (november 13), we met with ninong l and his wife, ninang k, at the rockwell club for breakfast. rey used to be ninang k's chief political officer and so i was expecting the meeting to be a bit formal. but to my surprise (and relief!) ninang k was so kikay and so much fun to be with. we exchanged so many stories, had a lot of laughs and got a lot of chismis from ninong l. we started talking at 9:45 am and we finished at 12:15! i'm looking forward to seeing them at our wedding.

we'll be meeting with ninong a this afternoon. i hope the meeting goes well.

2. sent our pics to manila bulletin for our wedding announcement

i took advantage of another w@w freebie - wedding announcement at the wedding supplement of the manila bulletin. they called me up on thursday, asking for a pic. when i asked rey what pic he wanted me to send, he said that he loved the pic that i posted at our website. so, i sent the pic to bulletin. however, bulletin wanted a colored pic so i sent them the colored version. the announcement will be published first week of december.

3. finalized design for invites

we've finalized the design for our invites months ago. unfortunately, my computer crashed and when we retrieved my files, we found out that our pretty divider has been replaced by the letter "k". we've been searching for a file of the divider for weeks but couldn't find it. so we just searched the net for a replacement. after weeks of searching, we found a divider that we both liked. with the help of rey's cousin, rasec, we were able to change the color of the divider using adobe photoshop. we've printed all the invites for local distribution. i just need to fold 10 more paper cranes to complete them! yey!

4. start working on our cd sleeves

i've asked rey to help me on this and he appears to have no talent with d-i-y stuff. all he needed to do was stick double-sided tape on one side of each sleeve - he managed to stick the tape on the wrong side, on his hand, on his leg and on my leg. and to think that he's so strict with the quality of our invites and cd sleeves! i guess i'll just ask fatherlily to help me.

5. watched unbelievables. ay, the incredibles pala!

after how many weeks, we finally got to watch a movie at the cinemas. after our meeting with ninang a and ninong l, rey and i watched the incredibles (which rey mistakenly called the unbelievables). we enjoyed watching the movie (it was entertaining) specially since he was hugging me the whole time (i love greenbelt 3 cinemas!!!). we then had dinner at cafe bola which had cheap but decent food, then i had tea at coffee bean and tea leaf. we also passed by the new abenson's shop and let ourselves be mesmerized by the giant tvs. we plan to get ourselves a home theatre system with a giant flat-screen tv (after we pay for the wedding and a car.) hay, ang sarap mangarap!


Anonymous said...

grabe, abie, parang napaka-calm mo! idol!!! bwahaha! and super love ko talaga yung picture nyo ni rey na yan. ganda ganda!

tin ni roLand

len said...

abie, ikakasal ka na!
teehee! has it really hit you already? ako kasi, a few weeks before the wedding i kept repeating that line to myself (ikakasal na ko!).

it all seemed so unreal, yet nice...

congratulations on the preps' progress!

Chris&Monet said...

Abie, belated happy anniversary!!! I felt like I was eating along with you. Have you considered being a food critique?

Hope to see you at the Christmas party!

abieco said...

tin - i AM surprisingly calm but i'm sleeping less now (sabi nga ni rey, kasal lang ang gamot sa pagiging batugan ko.)

len - it only sank into me when rey started to box his some of his stuff to make room for mine. he's been bugging me to start packing but i always forget to get boxes. i didn't even apply for our wedding bonus. our managing partner had to remind me to file a request.

monet - naku, pangarap ni rey maging food critic! lapit na natin!

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Sana kasing calm mo ako Abie. Lapit na!!!!!!! ***hugssss***