Sunday, January 30, 2005

tip of the iceberg

i've finally managed to upload some of our pics by john aguas and carlo villonco (geronimo photographico). (in case the link doesn't work, you can view the pics at:

these high resolution pics all came in CDs. i've tried uploading them directly from the CDs but it took too long so i tinkered around with the resolution to make the file sizes smaller. the result: we look cross-eyed in several shots. but since i'm too lazy, i'm not planning to upload them again. but believe me, the shots are nicer in their original files. i've already printed at least 400 of them and the pics are just so beautiful (of course, i'm biased! at least 50% of the pics have my face in it!)

i already had all of eddie boy escudero's pics scanned so i can upload them. i'll try to upload them next week.

abie - just had a fun day at enchanted kingdom (i hope to brag and blog about it tomorrow.)

Saturday, January 29, 2005

I'm Alive!


I've been absent for so long but I enjoyed reading your tags.

Just a quick summary of what I've been up to for the past month -

December 18 to 25 - attended 3 weddings, 2 christmas parties, 2 christmas dinners with immediate relatives, had another barong and pants sewn for the groom, started packing my stuff (hanggang ngayon, di pa tapos! heehee)

December 26 to 27 - had a body contour massage from blue mountain (i lost 1.5 inches around my waist!!!) an asian massage (fell asleep as soon as it started), and body scrub (sobrang sarap); had dinner at bizu with rey and our friends, final wine tasting til 2 am; buffet breakfast at paseo uno at 8 (we were planning to skip breakfast but rey woke us up), started drinking with my sisters and my friends at 2 pm, got married at 6, had dinner and partied til 1130; washed my hair for 30 minutes

December 28 - packed, picked up Porkchop and went home

December 29 - took care of Porkchop

December 30 to 31 - prepared for the new year, shopping at greenhills (mega bargain hunting in virra mall as it was their last day)

January 1 - panicked and searched for dollars

January 2 - packed and left for our honeymoon

January 2 to 12 - HONEYMOON!

January 13 - 15 - got addicted to the xbox and tried saving the world as cyclops (from x-men. hmmm. literal translation: dating lalaki. sabi na nga ba, bading si cyclops!)

January 16-29 - got buried in work.

I'll try to finish uploading our pics.

Got to attend a wedding.