Friday, November 26, 2004

reception earrings by matus

from pretty

to sexy!

at the time i got the dangling earrings that matus made for me, i really found them so pretty. but last week, when i was rummaging through my drawer, i found a set of jewelry that i haven't used for months. the diamonds in the ring and pendant set were sparkly and nice and it was a shame to keep them in a drawer. i decided to use these stones to add length to my reception earrings. i asked matus if they can do it for me and they agreed.

this morning, i was surprised to get a text message from matus telling me that i can already pick up my earrings. i agreed to meet them after i finish my work at the office.

when i saw my earrings, i immediately fell in love with them again. they looked so sexy!

i'm so excited to wear them!


what's with me and my wedding suppliers? yesterday, rey and i exchanged stories and ideas with ronald and tisha of balay kandila for 4 hours. now i spent 2 hours with alaine of matus! i wonder how much time i'll spend with ronald (balay kandila), elfren (sound syndrome) and kate (mandarin) tomorrow . . .


laine said...

WOW! i love the new set of earrings! you're right, it looks sexy :)

mrs.S said...

vavavoooom! those are definitely "come-hither" earrings!

tin ni roLand