Sunday, October 03, 2004

dangling earrings by matus

i got my earrings from matus today and i love them!

for the price i paid, i believe i got a really good bargain. matus used brilliant stones and the workmanship was excellent! the earrings were exactly what i envisioned them to be and to think that i didn't give them a picture of the design that i wanted. i just told them that i wanted a pair of earrings, each of which is made of a row of diamonds on white gold. i also told them that i didn't want the earrings to be stiff - i wanted the earrings to move with me.

when i first saw the earrings on their display case, i immediately felt giddy! they were so beautiful. i was so happy with matus that i couldn't stop myself from gushing.

i am so glad i chose to get a pair of earrings in lieu of the expensive bridal gown that i wanted!

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