Sunday, October 10, 2004

more wine tasting and other preps

after all our wine tasting parties (we had 2) and the endless debates about which wine to serve for our wedding, we recently found out that the wine we finally agreed to serve (jacob's creek shiraz 1998 and windham estate bin 444 2001) can no longer be bought at wholesale price. it turns out that the sole distributor of our preferred wines just sold all of their inventory to a grocery chain! the grocery chain is selling the wine bottles with a mark-up of P80!!!

so, we now begin our search for alternatives. we already got 3 bottles of cabernet sauvignon (sol de chile 2003, terra vega 2003 and gato negro 2003), all of which cost at least 50% less than our original choices. (we're planning to serve jacob's creek shiraz 2001 or 2002 first then when's everyone's tipsy, we'll switch to a more affordable chilean wine. we needed to adjust our budget so we can serve food for the cocktails.)

we wanted to have our wine tasting while watching will and grace early this evening. but rey had to drive home so we decided to postpone it til tuesday. (i'll have to remember to buy cheese, crackers and pizza!)

can't wait 'til tuesday!!!


rey just told me that we'll get our sample cds (for our wedding souvenir) from mervin tomorrow. i hope that they pass rey's standards and that he'd give the go signal to mervin soon so i can finally put the cds in the d-i-y covers which i simply adore! (siempre, love your own.)


we're supposed to get our marriage license in 2 weeks! i can't believe that we'd be so lucky to have a friend handle this irritating but essential part of our marriage preps. because of my friend, we didn't have to line up for the forms, submit countless of documents and go through all the seminars! and the best thing about it? my friend offered to pay for all the fees. she said that it's the least she can do for my help in her adoption case. yehey!!!


via venetto called me up to say that they ran out of the material that i wanted them to use for my custom-made shoes. when i visited their shop, they asked me if i wanted to wait until they get the new materials that they ordered from italy (this is probably why their shoes are pricey - they get most of their leather from italy) or to pick out another material. i chose to have my shoes done in a different color which was only slightly darker than my first choice.

in the meantime, when rey and i bought dog food in galleria, we made quick visits to several shoe stores. there was one store that was selling the shoes that were similar to what i'm having made in via venetto. the pair was 60% cheaper but when i tried them on, the material felt too rough. rey said that he loved my feet and he'd rather pay for expensive shoes than to see them red and blistered. i immediately made a silent vow to have a weekly foot spa!


when we were at the grocery, rey and i were discussing about buying a car and getting a driver after the wedding. (i've been using fatherlily's car and i'm not planning to use that car when i'm out of fatherlily's house.) when we were doing our computations, we realized that we cannot afford to have a new car AND still employ a driver. and so i volunteered to learn how to drive so we wouldn't need a driver. but while we were talking (and shopping), rey had to continuously steer me out of danger. after saving me from at least 4 collisions with other shoppers or other grocery items, we realized that it would be more expensive for me to drive - with my low alertness level, i would probably meet an accident every week! and so rey had to volunteer to be my driver (of course he said this through his nose!!!) i had no choice but to accept his offer. (siempre, kunwari, napilitan ako.)

the bonus for those who read this far:

rey and i had a tift last night about a careless remark uttered by one of his friends. my first reaction was to strike his friend out of our guest list and i didn't hesitate in telling rey what i thought! rey was smart enough not to make a big issue out of it.

but it bothered me so much that i just had to tell rey how bad i felt about his friend's remark. he explained that i misunderstood the remark. when i continued to pout and look as if i lost my precious kikay kit, he uttered to himself something that sounded like "oh no, it's the time of the month!". of course that made me cry.

when i woke up this morning, i found out that it IS the time of the month.

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