Monday, October 18, 2004

and taba ko!

that's me in my dressing gown (the dress i'm going to wear while preparing for the wedding). i'm going to be sitting most of the time when i'm wearing this dress so my designer wanted to see the effect of the gown when i'm seated. we still haven't decided on the draping (in the pic, it's just pinned to one side) but the designer said that he'll find ways so that the burgundy design will be highlighted.

that's my sparkly wedding gown. i really have a problem with my bulging tummy (nope, i'm not preggy, i just look preggy) so my designer wanted to have a shot taken from the side to check if the corset that they've sewn into the gown works. apparently, it does. i still look big though. can't wait to see the gown with the draping, the bustle and the swarovski details! and i have to remember to tell ronald that there should be a lot of candles to maximize the effect of the gown.


ann_ro said...

hi abie! tani mentioned that you'll be posting your gown fitting pics kaya i checked it out. =) bongga ng gown fabric mo. type ko bagsak ng skirt & train. even better i guess pag may petticoat na. excited na rin tuloy ako mag-fitting pero sa december pa yun. =P


abieco said...

hi, ann!

sobrang happy talaga ako with tani and ding. sila na ang pumili ng fabric niyan. tapos yung dressing gown, basta binigay ko yung malong ko then sila na rin bahala. sobra kong happy nung fitting! sana ikaw rin, matuwa sa kanila.


barefoot said...

hi abie! i love your sparkly gown!!! it suits you :)
and the dressing gown is unique...haven't decided on this yet. basta ayaw ko lang ng robe! hee

abieco said...

hi, favel.

i really need a dressing gown. kasi if i'm in a robe, i don't look like a bride, i look like a boxer getting into an arena! hehehe