Saturday, October 23, 2004

this little pig went to market

while rey's in tagaytay attending a seminar on how to make money, i was at divisoria and tutuban helping the businessmen earn money. i went shopping!

it started with me telling an officemate, rosa, that it's probably a good idea to go to divisoria. that was last night at around 9 pm. earlier today, at 8 am, rosa picked me up for our divisoria-tutuban shopping spree!

first, i had to take care of wedding stuff. so our first stop was at morning glory so i can buy more ribbons for our invites. after getting that done, we started scouring the shops for bargains. and we found a lot of them!

we were able to buy cheap but good quality children's clothes (P80 to P150) wallets (P80) and bags (P250 to P350) at the new divisoria mall. (the new divisoria mall is a 4-level mall in the middle of divisoria. that explains why it's called divisoria mall. i just don't know why it's called "new" when it is so obvious that it isn't. it was probably new 20 years ago.) we also got cheap wrapping material at the paper store across the street. (i got plain gold wrappers at P3.50 each, gift tags at P10 for each 100 pieces and small rolls of transparent tape at P40 a dozen.) we went to gody's to check out their candles but i didn't like the quality of the products being sold there (i got so confused as i couldn't understand why a lot of w@wies were gushing about the store.) but i did get to buy vigil candles for my mom in time for all soul's day.

we went back to tutuban mall, left our purchases in the car and ate lunch in max's. we got spring chicken (my favorite!), lumpiang ubod (deliciously fresh and nutricious) and lots of iced tea (i think i had 5 glasses).

after having lunch, we went around tutuban center to do more shopping. we got affordable christmas decors for an officemate (different sizes of hot pink christmas balls at P100 to P180 per 16 pieces and leaves with hot pink decors at P256 per dozen. i also found the transparent stones that i needed for my centerpieces at the decor store. i got them at only P20 per bag! i was so happy when i found them that i almost hugged the store owner. of course he couldn't understand why i'm so ecstatic.) there were also really nice shirts for as low as P50! we also got nice children's clothes (all below P200). (i hope my godchildren or their parents aren't reading this.)

that whole area is really a shopper's paradise!!! when we left the area at 5 pm , we were exhausted and i only had P135 left in my pocket. there was a bit of a traffic but we couldn't care less. we were happy.


when i got home, i excitedly unpacked my purchases while waiting for my tub to fill up. seeing all those nice but affordable items made me giddy again!
after locking up everything in my suitcase (so that my nosey family will not see what i got them) i made lots of bubbles (i just love lander's raspberry sorbet bubble bath, it makes lots of fruity smelling bubbles and it costs less than P100 for a 1-liter bottle!!!) played my "zzzzz . . ." cd (the cd i compiled for our wedding souvenirs. it has all the songs that porkchop and i listen to when we sleep. rey's cd has all the songs that we like listening to when we eat. it's called "burp!") grabbed a hard-bound, plastic covered bobo book (which i got for P99 at a sale in national bookstore) and sank into the tub for my baboy bath.
it was heaven all over again!


oh yeah, i almost forgot. rey and i went shopping in duty free yesterday. he bought me my favorite lindt chocolates! i was so happy with my chocolates that i almost skipped my way to the cashier.

so why didn't i skip my way to the cashier? it's because i found my jacob's creek shiraz cabernet right before the cashier's booth. since duty free had this peso power promo, we were able to buy a case (12 bottles) at a little less than P4,800! we were also able to grab a bottle of moet et chandon for around P1,900. yey! we no longer have to worry about the first round of wine for the wedding!!!


after 2 days of shopping, this not-so-little pig will stay home tomorrow. but rey will come over so we can finally taste the chilean wine that we got! i hope rey has money for pizza.

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