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thoughts on intimate weddings

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hi, mik, meleen and clarice!

we're having an intimate wedding, too! we have 58 guests. 60 kasi kung kasama kaming 2.
i can understand couples who would want to invite everyone who had a part (no matter how small) in their lives. i can also understand parents who would want to invite their friends to their children's weddings (i can just hear the "she saw you when you were still in diapers" or "she prayed for you when you were taking the bar" dialogues.)

but for rey and i, we'd rather have a quiet meal with our family and really close friends for our first dinner together. (actually, we'd rather eat than go around and have pictures taken with all our guests.) we have lots of friends that we'd want to invite but we don't think we'd be able to entertain all of them properly if we have a ballroom full of people. (hmmm. tamad at matakaw lang talaga yata kami.)

with our 58 guests, we got to invite our immediate family and really close friends whom we see or communicate with on a personal level at least 3 times a week. (naku clarice, baka kailangan na kitang invite. buti na lang di ka pwede kasi nasa honeymoon ka. ang sama! hahaha!)

with a small wedding, we were able to make the invites that we wanted (i can't imagine how i can fold all those miniature cranes if i had 300 guests!) we were also able to request mandarin to serve the food that we wanted (they only agreed to serve the peking duck to a maximum of 60 people) and rey got his wish of giving out double cd's for our souvenirs (it would have been too expensive if we had more guests).

uninvited friends who are already married (or are preparing for their wedding) fully understood our decision. they too, experienced the difficulty of limiting the number of guests. but some friends (most of whom we haven't seen in years) would really come up and say, "o, i heard you were getting married, don't forget to invite me, ha". in these instances, our intimate wedding provides a ready excuse. 'yung iba naman, kung medyo hindi sensitive, sinasabihan talaga ng, "sorry, di ka invited."

i am just so thankful that my fatherlily is very supportive of our decision. since he's also helping us with our d-i-y stuff, he also appreciates the fact that we only have a few guests. ('yun nga lang, i think he's planning to host a little party for his own friends. is he celebrating the fact that after 29 years, he'd no longer have to support me and my dogs?)

sa akin talaga, the wedding is really our party so we should have the wedding that would make us happy. the wedding preps would be so much fun that way. (unless of course, your parents are paying for the wedding - that's another story.)

abie ni rey
mandarin/27 dec 04

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