Wednesday, September 29, 2004

pics by carlo villonco

i love our pics by carlo villongco!

We got him for our pre-nups. However, instead of going to some scenic place and posing for pics, we (actually ako lang) decided to have our"pre-nups" during the salubong for the people who took the bar last Sunday. Despite the absence of all the elements usually seen in great pre-nup shots (sunset or clear blue skies, bodies of water, plants, thin models, nice make-up for the female model, etc., etc.) I think that the shots he took of us were awesome! Ang hirap nga mamili. I think I'll go on a diet so I can save money and have all our pictures printed.

He was also very nice. Pre-nups usually take around 3 hours but he was with us from 4 to 9 pm(to think that he had to drive through all that traffic near Taft Avenue and had to walk several blocks to where we were supposed to meet!) And when I apologized, he said that I didn't have to.

Sobra siyang aliw kasama. Nag-vote pa nga siya sa wine tasting namin. He's also cool, so much so that Rey's friends felt comfortable with him. It was easy to forget that he's a photographer. He's like a friend who just happened to have a camera. He's also perfect for people like me with really low EQ - he took the shots last Sunday, and I was able to view the pics today.

And the best part of it? HE MADE ME LOOK THIN!!! (Actually, this is the main reason why I'm raving about him.)

If I were to rate him - he'd be a perfect 10!


Mik said...

hi, i got here through the w@w mailing list. I don't think you look fat at all! Happy preps!

abieco said...

thanks, mik! i suppose the choice of the clothes and the skills of carlo made me look thin. (i gained 20 pounds over the last 5 years so i'm quite conscious about my weight.

Orrin Rempel said...


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