Monday, October 18, 2004


it's been a while since my last blog - i had to take a 4-day trip to vietnam from thursday to sunday (october 14-17) so i had to finish a lot of work AND a few wedding preps before wednesday last week (october 13).


we didn't get to have our wine tasting last tuesday as i had a 6 pm meeting at the office. but i did get to meet ronald of balay kandila at 5 pm. the funny thing about it is that before i went to 6750 where i was supposed to meet ronald, i passed buy photoline to meet dowa, another w@wie. it turns out that she also needed to speak with ronald so i invited her to join us (i was only supposed to give ronald my paper cranes.) when ronald and tisha arrived, tisha had a meeting with another couple while ronald met with us. it turned out that the bride at the other table was also a w@wie!


on wednesday morning, rey and i went to MG CD printing. when they opened the door for us, mervin's staff excitedly greeted rey. it turns out that rey was there 3 times the week before! and when we reached mervin, i was surprised! rey and mervin acted like they were friends. before we got to talk about our CDs, mervin showed rey the games that he bought during the weekend and upon rey's request, gave us a sneak preview of doom 3. they then talked about upgrading computers and scheduling a night of network gaming. after about 45 minutes of computer talk, we got to see the CDs. the samples were really nice! and since we preferred to have our CD's in matte silver, we didn't need to have them laminated. we saved P2,400! all we had to do was listen to the sample CD that mervin prepared for us before we can give him the go signal to mass produce the CDs. we finally agreed on the price and rey gave mervin our downpayment. yey!


after mg cd, i went to my designer (fidel marquez) for my first fitting of my wedding gown. the gown was still rough-looking but it looked really nice. the fabric is not like most bridal fabrics - instead of having a subtle sheen, my gown sparkles! my designer and i were laughing about my choice of fabrics - i was telling them that i need a fabric so dazzling that upon seeing me, my guests would be confused and not notice my curves which are concave rather than convex. my designer already warned me that it would be difficult to have an understated gown using shiny fabrics but when i saw the gown, the shine didn't look vulgar to me. and the best part of it was that the dress managed to hide my bulges. cool!

i was also surprised that the dress that i'm supposed to wear while i'm dressing up is almost done! at first, i thought that the designer would just make a sarong out of the indonesian malong that i gave them. but when i saw the dress, i found it so pretty! i can actually wear it for other formal affairs. cool! i finally found use for a piece of cloth which i've kept for 10 years.


we were on a wedding preps roll! i just need to start working on our preps again so we wouldn't lose our inertia.

hmm. maybe we should re-schedule the wine tasting soon . . .


barefoot said...

abie! :) dami accomplishments, galing!
hmm...which part of vietnam did you visit? went there last jan...tagal din namin dun...hee...i found it too touristy. pero love ko yung food, and i enjoyed browsing through their souvenir shops...grabe, ang dami!

abieco said...

we went to ho chi minh city. we visited the cu chi tunnels and the mekong river.

instead of staying at district 1, we stayed at district 3. so wala masyadong toursit shops. pero everyday kaming pumupunta sa district 1 to go shopping.

sobra talagang sarap ng food!

Miss jane said...