Wednesday, September 29, 2004

things are not what they seem to be

remember my last fitting with njork? when the dress that looked good on a hanger looked like a pillow case on me?

i had a second fitting at njork earlier today. when i saw my dress on the hanger, i almost cried. it looked awful! it looked as if 4 different crudely-cut cloths were pinned together with a safety pin on a purple dress. it was bad enough that it looked like some child made the whole thing but literally seeing purple was depressing since they promised me a fuschia dress!

but the minute i put on the dress i almost cried again. but this time, because the dress was so pretty! it turns out that the purple cloth was just a lining, so that the colors of the draped cloths would look deeper. and it worked! the pink and fuschia colors looked so alive.

and the dress totally kept my treasured fat well hidden. i felt like kissing francis for making me a nice dress.

but when he saw me, he started tugging on some parts of the dress. i didn't understand it at first but when i looked back at the mirror, i was surprised to see the dress even prettier. i love my reception gown! i'm so excited to wear it with my shoes and my new earrings!


since i was busy preparing for rey's i-survived-the-car-exams party, i thought that we would not be able to do anything for our wedding these last few days of september. but it seems that we were able to accomplish a lot of things - rey was able to get new glasses (he lost his old glasses during the party so he had to get new ones), we were able to have our pre-nups photos taken, i was able to design and order my bridal shoes from via venetto (i was only supposed to accompany an officemate to buy food when we passed by their shop), i got to fit my reception gown, we were able to watch our wedding singer (mia) perform and picked a few more songs for her to sing, i was able to get in touch with our stylist regarding our mock-up this october (actually, ronald was the one who called me up to follow-up my cranes) and now, it seems that we have our AVP (it's part of the pre-nups package.) cool!


barefoot said...

nainggit naman ako sa dress mo haha :D i'm looking forward to your wedding pics! tagal pa ata nun ah hehe.
anyway,we're having another dinner reception sa davao...pagawa din kaya ako...hee! den wants me to wear the dress i wore on our civil wedding...kaso short sya. so im thinking of having one made. gastos nga lang...hay!!!

abieco said...

oo nga, tagal pa ng wedding pics. pero i'll take pics sa final fitting ko.

we haven't decided yet if my cocktail dress will be a long gown or a cocktail dress. we'll decide when i get the shoes that i ordered from via.

tagal ng december!