Tuesday, September 21, 2004

surprisingly thankful

my car's a wreck.

my driver usually parks in my tita's house while i'm at the office. (i have parking in the office but i can't imagine what the driver will do at the basement if he has to wait for me there.) and i just call him up when i need him to pick me up.

that's what i did today. i called him up at 8 to tell him that i was planning to go home at 9. while i was having dinner at the nearby mall at around 8:45, i got a text message from the guard telling me that my car figured in an accident near the office.

i finished my dinner, paid the bill and walked back. as i was nearing the office, the guard immediately walked up to me and told me that the right side of my car was a wreck - all the windows as well as the windshield were shattered and both doors were totally destroyed. the gas cover was folded like an ordinary sheet of paper. the driver decided not to wait for me - he decided to bring the car home. (i still don't know how he drove that wreck from makati to quezon city.)

i called up my sister and fatherlily to tell them what happened and to expect the driver. i called up rey to tell him that the driver will notbe able to deliver the shrimps he ordered from my officemate because of the accident. i then proceeded to discuss with my officemates what happened and what work needed to be done by tomorrow. and i remembered to take the 3 kilos of shrimps home.

everyone expected me to be fuming mad (everyone knows that i have a very short temper.) on the contrary, i was uncharacteristically calm.

all i can think about is how thankful i am that i wasn't in the car when it collided with the cement mixer. otherwise, my face would have been ruined and not even the most skilled make-up artist can hide the wounds on our wedding day (i usually seat at the front seat.) i'm also thankful that i am so obsessed with our wedding that i couldn't get myself to get mad at the driver who collided with a parked cement mixer.

i hope i'll still be in this thankful mood when i learn how much i need to spend to have the car fixed.

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