Thursday, September 02, 2004

Time and Money - Literally

Rey's mildy disappointed with me. He was asking me why I needed more money when he just gave me money last month. My reason - I placed the whole amount that he gave me last month on time deposit. for 90 days. which was really stupid because I wanted to take advantage of the bridal fair on the 4th. (And we're only earning P1,000 pesos from it!) So now he's giving me more money. And he's reminding me again and again that I shouldn't put it on time deposit. I should spend it daw for the wedding.

Hmmmm. That's not too bad - don't save, spend. I can't argue with that. I've been doing that my whole working life.

And now for the remaining question: does a pair of earrings count as "spending for the wedding"? I'm planning to wear it for our wedding reception, anyway. I think it does. I hope Rey doesn't read this.

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