Wednesday, September 08, 2004

my date with mazinger z

i have rey's most-treasured mazinger-z model. why? because rey wants a pic of mazinger-z on the back cover of our cd souvenirs. the front cover kasi has pics of porkchop, my chowchow (who's turning one next week!)

when i asked rey how he plans to integrate the picture of mazinger-z into our wedding cd cover, he told me that among the mega-bots, mazinger-z is the only one who has a girlfriend and that his girlfriend is pretty useful with her killer boobs. (the boobs are some sort of rockets. or missiles. whatever.) so does that mean that the killer boobs should also appear on our cd cover?


mai said...

Aphrodite-A!!! :D

I can never forget how her torpedo boobs used to freak me out as a kid.

abieco said...

as a kid, i wondered how she got her boobs back! i guess she has lots of extra boobs in store.