Wednesday, August 04, 2004

One Hello - the song that isn't our theme song

yesterday, we went to coco cabana along kalayaan avenue to watch mia, the talented singer who we will be singing in our wedding. rey wanted to watch her before we can finalize our song list.

while mia was giving a soulful rendition of one hello, rey mentioned that the song should be our theme song (we don't have one). when i asked him to explain, he said that i snubbed him the first time he said hello to me. i defended myself and denied that i ever snubbed him.

and then he asked me if i even remember him saying hello. when i told him i didn't, he said that that proved him correct because if i didn't snub him, i would remember him greeting me. i then told him that if i really snubbed him when he first said hello then that couldn't have been the start of our courtship considering that i don't even remember that it has ever happened. the conversation went on and on until i asked him if we were having mia sing one hello for our wedding and he answered in the negative since he didn't like the song.

oh well, who needs theme songs anyway?

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