Monday, August 02, 2004

It pays to be lazy

When we decided to have CD's as our souvenirs, I e-mailed several CD souvenir makers at the weddings at work directory. About 3 or 4 suppliers replied to my e-mail. A couple of them lost interest when they learned that we were only looking at having 60 double CD's made.

We met mith MG CD printing andthe owner seemed like a very nice person. His CD's looked really clean and professionally made. He also showed us samples of the CD covers that he made for various corporations. We were impressed. The only problem was that he priced his CDs at P85 each (or P170 for a double CD) and this didn't include the cover. But since he seemed to be the only person who can meet our requirements, we were really thinking of getting him. We just couldn't seal the deal since I was (and still am) too lazy to finish completing the list of songs that would be included in my CD.

However, this morning, a staff of Cogent Consulting called me up and said that they will be sending us a sample of the CD that they made. She asked for directions and I tried my best to give it to her. She kept on asking me how to get to our office if she rode a jeepney that came from Kalayaan. I wasn't familiar with the route of that jeepney and my sense of direction is non-existent so it took me quite a while to explain how she can get to the office. It didn't help that her Visayan accent was so thick.

Anyway, she found her way to the office and when she handed me the CD, I was so impressed with it. The price they quoted was lower than MG CD and this included the cover!

I hope Rey likes the sample when I show it to him tomorrow. It will not only save us lots of money, it will also save me the trouble of having to look for a printer for our CD covers. It's a good thing that we haven't ordered our CDs yet from MG CD.

Sometimes, there are some advantages to being lazy.

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