Monday, August 09, 2004

Flower Power

4 months to go and we still don't have a florist for the bouquets. it's a good thing that a w@wie, clarise, volunteered to take me on a tour of Dangwa (with a side trip in Divisoria, of course.) but i was still worried since after buying dozens of bridal mags and searching through the net, i still have no idea how the bouquets would look like.

until i visited the bridal fair at the heritage hotel.

when i got to the bridal fair, i was mesmerized by the line of gowns that were displayed on one of the hallways. the gowns led me to the lobby of the ballroom. everyone was flocking at the first door so i decided to check out the second door. i got in the ballroom and immediately saw that there was an on-going fashion show. i didn't want to watch since i didn't want to see a gown similar to mine on a model's body. (i would just feel depressed if the gown didn't look as nice on me.) so i started to leave. but as i turned, i saw one of the organizers lock the door where i went in. the other exit was on the far end of the room, which was a million people away. i was stuck.

so i had to watch all the reed-thin, pimple-free models in their overly-decorated bridal gowns. and i noticed the bouquets that they used. there were all in the exact size that i wanted and the flowers looked really nice and pretty. i asked everyone around me if they knew who sponsored the flowers but no one could answer me.

and so, i stalked the person who was carrying the flowers after the show. he led me to their booth. i got to talk with the owner and he gave me tips on what flowers i should use (i shouldn't get tulips, because they easily wilt, calla lillies are better. there are burgundy hydrangeas but there are also white calla lilies with burgundy stains in december. if i wanted a rose bouquet that is in the exact size that i want, i have to get holland roses because the petals are sturdier and they're smaller than the local roses. but for the other members of the entourage, it's okay to use local roses since they also last.) and then we discussed the flowers i needed for my wedding (which wasn't a lot) and he suggested some designs. when i told him that the rings will be carried by a girl, he said that he can make me a rectangular bouquet of local roses with a pouch in the middle for the rings. i was impressed!

he promised to send me his rates and then he handed me his card. 1558. the same supplier whom my officemate, k, got for her wedding. the supplier who was the friend of rose, another officemate. when i mentioned this to manny, the owner, he got so excited. we chatted a while about how small the world was, asked each other if we were attending the party that rose was throwing for her birthday and i told him how much fun i had playing with the centerpieces he made for k. and then he said the magic words, "I'LL GIVE YOU A DISCOUNT."


we haven't sealed the deal yet but if i don't find any other florist in Dangwa who can give me better rates then i guess i've found my florist.

when i went home that day, i was reminded how easy it was for me to find my suppliers. i guess some higher power is guiding me through this. will that same power be with me when i search for the fabrics for my sister's gown and my father's barong?

abangan ang susunod na kabanata.