Sunday, August 22, 2004

bridal fairs and wedding videos

i'm a certified bridal fair addict.

i'm no longer looking for a wedding supplier and i wasn't feeling so well but i still went to the bridal fair at the EDSA Shang. i just had to. otherwise, i'd feel like i missed something. and it's a good thing i went there, otherwise, i wouldn't have:

a. seen the divine display of balay kandila - they put up this huge container that's about 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide on the sides. they filled it up with liquid and there were about a dozen long stemmed red roses floating in it. beside it was a table with vases that had single long stemmed roses. the vases were placed on top of clear resin that looked like broken glass. on top of the vases were hanging candles. their display was so beautiful that i stayed in the room for at least 10 minutes;

b. found the supplier for my crystal bouquet - i've almost given up on this. when i spoke with rio, she couldn't give me a quote but she said that she expects it to be a bit expensive. but when i went to EDSA Shang, i met the artist of All About Beads and the price she quoted me was lower than the cost of a bouquet of calla lilies! i immediately gave her a swatch of my motiff so she can start working on it;

c. watched video samples of Imacron - choosing our videographer was easy- rey didn't want one so i had to get the most unobtrusive videographer. (i was planning to pass him off as a photographer.) it's a good thing that the photographer who specialized on being unobtrusive happened to be a friend from college. the price he quoted was still a bit high even with the discount he gave but i knew that there's no other videographer for us. however, i've always wondered about Imacron because people keep on raving about their wedding videos. so i watched their sample videos. of the 6 videos i was able to watch, i noticed that the ones i liked were the ones where the couple were asked to act, dance or do something. rey and i are not willing to do any of that. in fact, i'd be irritated if the videographer asked me to do anything other than smile. and their package is higher than that of jason's. good thing i didn't get them. i am lucky to have chosen jason; and

d. solved my over-the-budget-spending-for-the-wedding problem - when i was at the Shang, i got to hear 92 ad sing. they are really excellent singers and their blending is very good (warning: i know most of them so i'm a bit biased.) i wanted them to sing for my wedding. but their rates are quite steep. buti na lang, i saw a jewelry shop and found that their fee costs as much as a beautiful pair of earrings. so now, everytime i am tempted to buy something for the wedding that is not really necessary, i just remind myself of the jewelry that i can buy with the amount that i'm about to spend.

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