Sunday, August 29, 2004

marriage preps

i love being with rey.

this morning, we watched a couple of tv shows together. afterwards, we had lunch at alex III, had dessert at ice monster and did a little shopping in greenhills. as usual, rey and i bought a bunch of DVDs and he purchased several books for me. when we spent an amount that would have been sufficient to pay for our wedding souvenirs, we decided to leave the shopping center. it was just too difficult not to succumb to temptation!

we then went to the fort to get donuts for rey's mom. on a whim, we decided to buy a box of donuts for the 2 of us. and since we already got donuts, we decided to stop by starbucks to get coffee. (obviously, we weren't concerned about losing weight for the wedding even if we really need to.) rey ordered his usual cafe americano and i ordered mint tea. we stayed there, ate a couple of donuts (ok, fine, we finished half the box!) and went home.

there was nothing special in what we did but i immensely enjoyed myself. i loved the way he held my hands when we were in the car or the way he looked at me when i wanted to make another useless purchase.

for some reason, we didn't get to talk about the details of the wedding. instead, we dreamed and joked of how we'd be when we're already married.

i actually felt sad when he dropped me of at my house.

but when he got home, he called me up and told me that in a few months, he will no longer have to drop me off. that was enough to make me smile.

i can't wait til december!

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