Thursday, August 05, 2004

charmed by njork

after watching mia perform, i realized that i might have a difficult time dancing on my floor-length gown with the bustle and the train! so, i decided to have a reception gown made.

since i would still be able to wear the reception gown again, i decided to splurge.

i remembered wanting to have a gown made by patrice ramos-diaz so i called-up her office to set an appointment. the first time i called, a girl picked up the phone and informed me that the secretaries aren't around. she told me to call 10 minutes later. i did and i got to speak with a secretary. the secretary got my name and my number and told me that she'll call me when she gets to speak with patrice. and then she warned me that their gowns cost at least P10t. i was willing to spend more than P10t on my reception gown but the warning just turned me off.

i then called up njork. i've always admired the lines of their gowns and the wedding gown which they displayed at the intercon was really beautiful that i felt sad when i decided not to have a similar one made for me. i was so surprised when i got to speak with marlon. he was so nice and accomodating that i actually told him that the reception gown is not in my budget but i've always wanted a njork gown. he said that i should visit their shop and that i should really see miguel and francis. he set me up for an appointment on the same day!

i was very impressed with their shop. it was simple but it was not boring. i also loved the gowns on display. i was just scared that i wouldn't be able to afford them because everything in the shop screamed "expensive".

miguel and francis were still having lunch but so as not to waste my time, marlon asked me to fill-up the forms. while i was doing so, he asked me questions about my wedding. he then asked someone to get my measurements. they just finished taking my measurements when miguel and francis arrived. they were so handsome that i actually told miguel before i left that it was a good thing that he wasn't dressing me up for my wedding, otherwise, i'd be so insecure of his beauty.

miguel was so nice. he asked me some questions and i realized that he knew everything about my wedding that i told marlon. he said that since i was conscious about my shapeless figure, he'll be requiring me to wear a corset. when i said that corsets made me feel uncomfortable, he brought out a corset, had me wear it on top of my blouse and he asked me to bend, sit on a low chair, pick up something on the floor. i was convinced that i can bear wearing a corset for the wedding. he then draped several cloths on me. it was then that i knew that i'd be depressed if i will not be able to afford their rates.

afterwards, he left, made the design while marlon chatted with me. after a few minutes, he came back with 3 designs! all the designs were pretty but i loved the 3rd design. it was just so me and i knew that i would really be comfortable in the gown. he then said that we was uncomfortable talking about money so he'd have marlon speak with me about the rates. i so wanted the design he made that i suddenly turned religious and prayed that i could afford the gown.

when marlon did discuss the rates with me, i was so happy to know that the amount he quoted was affordable. the gown isn't cheap but i think every peso is justified considering that the gown will be made of very soft and silky fabrics that didn't look anywhere near cheap and it will be embellished with swarovski crystals. and as far as i know, their workmanship is excellent.

so, without asking rey, i told them that i'd have the gown made. (i figured that if rey didn't approve, i'd just pay for the gown myself.) i was so giddy when i left the shop.

somehow, getting charmed by 3 gay men and having a reception gown made has given me a high. why am i not surprised?

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