Saturday, August 21, 2004

fitting of the reception gown

i had my first fitting of my reception gown in njork and it just reminded me that my body is really a rectangle.

the pretty dress that looked really nice on a hanger looked like a pillow case on me! nag-panic si miguel at si francis nung makita ako so they decided to re-design and reconstruct the gown at no extra cost. but i loved the fabric - the colors are bright but they're not loud (they used hot pink and not-so-hot pink).

'yun nga lang, a client was late and extended her meeting with miguel and francis so i had to wait for 45 minutes before i was able to fit my gown! i'm o-c and before i left the house at2:30, i called up njork to confirm my 3 pm appointment. so i was a bit disappointed when i had to wait for a loooooong time. marlon and the other staff were actually very nice and apologetic. they even offered to serve me"anything" that i wanted. i didn't mind waiting for a few minutes but after the 45th minute, i got impatient, stood up and asked that my fitting be re-scheduled. (obviously, patience is not one of my virtues.) saka lang umalis yung client.

miguel and francis were also very apologetic and they really spent time fixing the gown. and because they made me wait, they're making a matching bag for me for free. i should be happy. but i still couldn't stop myself from requesting that my fittings be scheduled in such a way that i'd be the first client for the day or the client right after lunch.

i didn't get a high from njork this time, but i still remain a satisfied client.

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