Sunday, July 25, 2004

shooting with mazinger z

we're giving out CDs for our wedding souvenirs. rey and i already agreed on the design of the front cover. it has a picture of porkchop, my 10-month old chow-chow. rey gave her to  me for our 9th anniversary last year. rey is now insisting that the design of the backcover should have a picture of what he got from me for that same anniversary - his mazinger z model.

i don't have any problems with having mazinger z on our cd cover so i agreed. but we still can't design our back cover because we still don't have a picture of mazinger z.  rey insists on having a professional photographer take the shots. and when i volunteered to bring the model to a photographer last friday, rey refused! he said that he has to supervise the shoot.

i guess i'm not the only one being obsessive-compulsive about our wedding details.

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