Sunday, July 18, 2004

193 days to go!

it's been a long time since my last (and first) blog.
my work load in the office is manageable and i'm not exactly the soul of efficiency for my other personal responsibilities but the past weeks have felt heavy and stressful for me.
every waking moment, i plan everything that i have to do for the day. but even if i accomplish everything in the list, at the end of the day, i still feel like there's a ton of things to do.
the stress is manifesting physically through back and shoulder pains and blemishes on my face. and the icing on the cake? i fell down a flight of stairs. i didn't trip, didn't miss a step, didn't twist my foot. i just fell. that has been almost a week ago but some parts of my right foot are still swollen. i just feel so . . . defective.
i guess i am falling victim to what is usually called as bridal stress.
so, to alleviate my stress, i've listed everything that i need to do for the wedding, what i've done so far and what i need to do. and all i've got to do is to make sure that i accomplish everything on the list on or before the deadlines. if i do all that, my back and shoulder pains will go away, my skin will clear up and my foot will heal in no time (I WISH!).
well, at least i can still sleep soundly at night. sigh. 

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