Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Ballet Flats from Via Venetto

I think I may have found my wedding shoes!

This is one major achievement since I have a hard time finding reasonably priced shoes. My feet are sensitive and they easily bruise when wearing  shoes.  So my shoes have to be made of the softest leather. I usually get my shoes from Celine, Bass, or if I'm feeling rich, Bally. However, I haven't seen wedding shoes from either Bass or Bally. Celine doesn't have simple ballet flats (flat shoes that look like ballet slippers.) (I think I mentioned in my earlier post that we decided to find ballet flats for me to minimize the chances of me falling down a flight of stairs and our wedding video ending up in America's Funniest.)

Anyway, going back to my story, on my way to Piandre in Greenbelt to have my hair cut, I passed by Via Venetto and saw that they were selling ballet flats.  They have it in silver, which is (or will be, to be precise about it) the color of my gown. Unfortunately, the back half of their silver ballet flats was in white. I went in and inquired if they have a pair that's purely in silver. The sales lady told me that they can make one for me, I just needed to add P250 pesos. (The original price was P2,200. So my wedding shoes would only cost P2,400, which is much lower than the price quoted by Lila Almario.)

I wanted to know if their ballet flats fit me well so I requested for a pair in my size. They brought out  a pair in silver and white. The shoes were soft and comfortable and the fit was good. The shoes treated my picky feet really well. I immediately wanted to own a pair! But since I don't have any need for a pair of silver and white ballet flats, I asked them if they have a pair in black. The sales lady brought out 2 pairs - 1 which was wholly made in kid leather with a rounded front and the other was made of a combination of patent and kid leather (patent at the toes and kid leather for the other parts) with a squarish front. I tried on the shoe which was wholly made in kid leather on my left foot and the patent-and-leather one on my right. The patent-and-leather shoe looked good with  my suit!

At that moment, a nice golden-aged lady wearing  a red chinese-inspired outfit and comfortable running shoes came up and asked if I was having a hard time deciding between the 2 pairs. I wanted to get a second opinion so I said yes even if I already decided on buying the second pair . When I mentioned that I usually wear pant suits, she suggested that I  get the second pair since it looked more professional. So there, I got my second opinion! Naturally, I decided to buy them.

While the sales lady was packing my shoes and preparing the bill, the nice lady asked me where I worked and if I always buy shoes in their store. When I mentioned that my workplace was about 3 minutes away from Greenbelt and that I only have a pair or 2 of Via Venetto shoes but entered the store because I wanted to buy their silver ballet flats for my wedding, she suggested that I wait for their other styles to come out before I order. I explained that I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive when it came to my wedding and wanted to finish all the preparations early. She then volunteered to show me pictures of ballet flats that  are still simple but had more details and suggested that I take a look at them first. She mentioned that since my wedding is still in December, I can order my shoes in September. I accepted her offer and gave her my contact details.  (I was thinking that even if I don't see anything prettier in the new styles that she'll show me, I can still get the simple ballet flats that I wanted.) She told me to visit their store after 10 days. I am so looking forward to going back to Via Venetto.

After our conversation, I went to the counter and paid for my shoes. They gave me a noticeable discount! I got so excited that I forgot to get the nice lady's name. It's a good thing that she told me that I can communicate with her through her staff.

Now, I'm excitedly waiting for the pictures that she promised, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying my new pair of black ballet flats! My feet are in heaven. And my financial situation's not anywhere near hell.


Addie said...

hi, thanks for this post. now i know i'm really gonna try and buy shoes at via venetto. don't they have a shop in megamall too?

anne said...

Hi! I just want to know how much does Lila charges for a pair of wedding shoes.

abieco said...

Hi, Addie. Yes, they have a shop in megamall.

Anne, sorry. I wouldn't know how much they charge now.