Monday, July 26, 2004

rainforest on ice

i've been worrying about our wedding cake for months. we're not having the usual fondant. rey wanted the cake to be something that we really like to eat. so, we decided to have rainforest, our favorite cake from bizu, as our wedding cake.

rey's worried about the consistency of the taste. so once in a while, we visit bizu to check if the rainforest is still as yummy as when we first tasted it. (actually, we're just finding reasons to go back to bizu.) we were never disappointed. the rainforest still tasted like a creamy ferrero rocher.

i was worried about the presentation of the cake. each rainforest cake is nicely made. but i wasn't sure if the design of the cake was enough for a wedding. i also wanted to incorporate my theme - paper cranes. so, i wondered if i should give bizu a dozen paper cranes and just let them stick the cranes where ever they want. i thought of having satellite rainforests on specially made pedestals. i also canvassed prices for cake stands. but no matter how i try to visualize it, the cake or cakes still looked so ordinary.

the problem was that rainforest is a chocolate cake that's surrounded by a chocolate sheet. so we were thinking that we could not use candles or spotlights in the cake area. otherwise, the chocolate would melt. it was because of this problem that we found the solution to our aesthetic problems with our cake.

to keep the chocolate cold, we have to use ice. but since ice can be sculpted or frozen into nice shapes, we decided to have our cake/s placed over blocks or columns of ice. when i discussed this with ronald of balay kandila, he liked the idea and said that it was workable. he mentioned that he used blocks of ice to prettify a sushi bar at another wedding. he also said that he'll see how he can incorporate our paper cranes. he promised to design our cake table! all he needed was a picture of the cake.

so now, instead of worrying about our cake, it's one of the things that i'm looking forward to. yehey!!!




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