Wednesday, July 28, 2004

the great kate

i love our new account executive (ae)!

getting a venue for the wedding was the first thing we ever did for the wedding. as early as january, rey already booked a function room in mandarin for our party of 60. at that time, our ae was ms. olive poe. but we had a difficult time coordinating our skeds so she requested another ae, buffy, to handle our account.

we liked buffy. i preferred to communicate with her mostly via e-mail and she was ok with that. she usually answered my-emails within 3 days. she also gave us a lot of concessions (that or i'm too gullible).  unfortunately, she resigned from mandarin. a few days before she resigned, she sent me an e-mail informing me that our account would now be handled by a certain kate de la cruz-cuan.

i've always wanted to confirm the details of our wedding with kate. after procrastinating for 2 months, i made a call to kate this afternoon. she was busy on the other line so i just requested the person who took the call to ask kate to return my call.

kate called me up in a few minutes. she asked me my name and our wedding date. upon giving her the information she requested, she informed me that buffy handed her the folder and assured me that all our correspondences are filed. she said that she'll familiarize herself with our account and that she'll send me an e-mail.

i also asked her some questions regarding the meals for some of our service providers. she volunteered to prepare a reasonably priced menu for them.

she also sounded nice and accomodating.

i hope she doesn's disappoint me.

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