Friday, July 30, 2004

the naming of the rings

i got our rings today!

our jeweler (jewelex) called us up yesterday to inform us that they finished making our rings. i was so excited that i couldn't wait for the weekend. so, on my way to work this morning, i passed by the jeweler's shop and picked them up. i was so excited that i even forgot to bring my ATM card! i didn't want to pay through credit card because the jeweler adds 5% on credit card purchases. but the jeweler was so nice that i was allowed to pay the balance through credit card without the 5% extra.

the rings are exactly as what we imagined them to be. i am so happy with them that when i got to the office, i showed them to all my department mates. and then an officemate asked me if we planned to have them engraved. i thought that it was a good idea - the jeweler did say that the engraving was free.

so i sent rey a text message asking him what we should write on our rings - baboy and biik? bardagol and bulilit? fat and fatter?

he answered that it should be pogi and wangit (short for sungit na, pangit pa). i was so sure he was wangit but i couldn't be pogi! so i suggested beauty and the beast. he answered that he wasn't comfortable if anyone called me a beast. so he suggested beauty and sleepy or gimley and sauron. i told him that one ring has to bear my name or at least describe me. he then changed it to arwen and sauron because according to him, he looked like liv tyler. or was that li'l tanker?

he then confessed that he really wanted to have "eat at joe's" engraved on our rings but he didn't think i would agree. i then mentioned that the first words that i thought of was "expensive ring".  (i did say that i love our rings but i didn't say that they were cheap!)

we didn't get to think of more words since i had to get back to work. but we still have 5 more months to decide. hmmm. i wonder what words will end up on our rings.



clarice said...

abie! this was so funny! sobra talaga kayong aliw ni rey! baboy and biik? bardagol and bulilit? fat and fatter? ano ba yun!? =)

isa pa lang ang nababasa ko tawang-tawa na ko. =)

i hope your preps are going well. ingat!

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