Friday, July 01, 2005

Fwd: happy about my new toy

stuck in traffic again. but my new toy is keeping me from getting bored.

for a person who used her nokia 5110 until year 2003, even i was
surprised when i got this expensive gadget. i don't understand why
people had to change their phones every so often. phones that look
like pdas but don't have pda functions irritate me. i find phones that
look good but do not have any extra features a total waste of money.
and i get frustrated with people whose use of their treo or O2 phones
is limited to what they can do with a nokia 3120.

but this communucator was something that i really wanted. it looks
like a brick but it has some functions that i needed. like most pda
phones, it allows me to check my emails and surf the net whereever i
may be. it also allows me to use mp3 files as ringtones. i can also
download and read ebooks. it also allows me to blog more often. but
more importantly, i can draft and revise word documents and i can even
make power point presentations! it has been less than 2 weeks since i
got the phone but i already had to use both functions. (it also has
spreadsheet capabilities but since i'm an idiot in excel, i do not
have any idea how to take advantage of this program.)

PLUS, i get to play mah jong! yipee!

i'm really happy i got one. now, i'm enjoying surfing the net and
looking for software that would justify my not shopping for 2 months
just so i can buy this phone without guilt.

oh. and dio, naku, sana nga di ko mabagsak-bagsak. but since it is a
bit big, it's not easy to drop. as for losing it, i already had it
insured. hay, magastos maging maluho.


laine said...

i also insured my phone :) it's not a pda but i can also surf the net and i also have office function =)

see you soon! =) ingat lagi

paz said...

i got mine insured too! when i'm bored waiting for my hubby, i google everyone i know using my treo 650! ha, ha!

abieco said...

hi, laine! oo nga, see you soon.

pas, good idea yun, ah. magawa nga. hehe.

Diosa said...

Wow! seems like you're really enjoying your new toy ... kakatuwa noh? good thing din na you have it insured, ang mahal-mahal kaya nyan!