Saturday, July 02, 2005

taking a break

these past few weeks has been crazy for me.

there's always my day job (which i love, despite the thousands of hair strands that i lost because of it) and enjoying life as mrs. b (we finished watching all seasons of the sopranos, the first season of desperate housewives and about a dozen korean movies. we're now enjoying the second season of golden girls.)i also finished andie's scrapbook (andie is my officemate's daughter. she's not my goddaughter but she calls me ninang. the scrapbook featured pictures taken during her first birthday party. i finished in time for her 2nd birthday. hehe. as for the scrapbooking, i enjoyed doing it. which is good since my other officemate requested me to make scrapbook for my godson's birthday.) I'm also trying to design the invitation for my niece's first birthday. as for our wedding album . . . well, there's a time for that. (hopefully before our first year anniversary!)

on the other hand, i also learned how to use adobe audition to create ringtones for my phone. plus, i also managed to link my computer with B's so now we can surf the net at the same time. yippee! now, i've convinced myself that i can learn anything so i'm really considering facing my fear of numbers and taking a second degree next year - accounting! (since i have no plans of taking a leave from work, i'll have to take morning classes. yaiks.)

anyway, B and i took a break from all these activities today and spent the afternoon doing other things that we enjoy - B shopped for books while i had a back massage. we capped the day by trying out this new resto - rasa.

rasa is a singaporean restaurant located at the araneta coliseum. at first, we thought the the place was small but when we got in, we saw that there were more tables at the second floor. the waitresses were very friendly and efficient. taking a cue from the symbols on their menu, we ordered their specialties - the hainanese chicken and the singaporean chili crab.

the hainanese chicken was excellent! the chicken was tender and it was already flavorful even without the ginger, the chili paste and the soy sauce. each part of the chicken was perfectly cooked.

but nothing beats the singaporean chili crab. the crab was obviously fresh (we saw him when he was still alive) when it was cooked. it was so perfectly cooked that the meat just falls off its shell! the chili singaporean sauce was also very delicious. even after we finished the crab meat, B ate the sauce with the remaining half cup of rice (and he is NOT fond of eating rice.)

we also tried the raffle's cheesecake and it was also good. it was not to sweet and it tasted like heaven was melting in your mouth.

rasa is really an eater's paradise!

we're already planning what dishes we'll be trying the next time we visit.

sarap kumain!


len said...

you're one busy lady abie! scrapbooking, making ringtones and taking up a second course! i've kinda been interested in taking another course too, but the thought of all the tests and stuff is scaring me - chicken, hehe!

rasa sounds interesting! i'll take it from you and try it out soon!

paz said...

hi abie, i applaud you on taking another course. that's great! by the way, what's your mom's last name? my maiden name is "cordero" and we grew up in jaro, iloilo city. where is your mom from?