Sunday, July 17, 2005

BT Cafe, Bagaberde and Growing Old

B and i just arrived from a really fulfilling el cheapo adventure to BT Cafe. BT Cafe, or Batangas Tapa Cafe, is a small resto at the boring end of Tomas Morato (near E. Rodriguez.) It serves grilled chicken, pork and batangas beef and kapeng barako. they give their clients the choice of ordering "eat-and-drink-all-you-can" from the menu for only P239 or a la carte. since we arrived at 9 and they close at 10, we decided to order a la carte.

the items on their menu are pretty cheap. the batangas tapa meal (with rice and fried egg) is P60. a single serving (no rice and fried egg) is P30. you can also order longanisa and beef franks at around the same price. they also serve porterhouse steak with rice for P105. it's P90 without the rice. the t-bone steak is a few pesos cheaper. they also serve sisig for P90. bottomless iced tea is P30.

B and i ordered the batangas tapa, the porterhouse steak and the sisig. the batangas tapa was so good! it was tender and perfectly seasoned. unfortunately, there was only a handful of it so i ordered an extra single serving. B loved the sisig (I didn't - it had egg and mayo!) so he ate everything on the sizzling plate. the porterhouse was thin and a teeny bit tough, but it tasted ok. B ordered another serving.

we had so much fun eating everything that we ordered. we also loved the fact that our bill didn't even reach P500. my only complaints were that they didn't serve hot tea (I NEEDED IT!) and the place was a bit too small at around 3 meters x 7 meters.

All in all, the BT Cafe really gives value for your money. However, it is definitely not for the claustrophobic.


last night, my officemates and i went to bagaberde to see MYMP live. B was supposed to join us but backed out when he learned that MYMP will be alternating with the wiseguys.

when we arrived at around 9:30, the place was already packed. the wiseguys were already performing and i was surprised to find myself enjoying their show. each of the guys had acceptable singing voices and i appreciated their attempt to sing in harmony. they more than made up with whatever they lacked in talent with their stage projection.

after an hour and a half, it was MYMP's turn. i just love juris' voice! however, it was the only thing i liked about their performance. hearing them sing live wasn't too different from watching their music videos. BUT, there are only a few bands who have real talent so i still enjoyed their set.

when the wiseguys came back on stage for their second set, my officemates and i were ready to dance (busog na kasi!). the wiseguys didn't disappoint. they sang dance tunes for an hour and didn't give us an opportunity to stop. the funny thing was that not everyone in bagaberde was dancing. there were only a handful of us but we weren't so bothered about it since we were seated at the back so we weren't blocking anyone's view and we really didn't care what other people thought of us. plus, from the way some of the younger girls grooved in their chairs, we knew that they also wanted to dance but were just too shy or self-conscious to do so. ha! old age really does come with confidence. it so nice to be old! hee.

B and i are planning to go back on july 23 to watch side a and pido.


len said...

i love mymp! we've been planning to watch one of their gigs, but transpo always our prob since we don't have a car :( i hope i get to watch them soon!

paz said...

ha, ha! tsibug na naman!

have a great week abie!

Leslie said...

oh my gosh! where's this Bagaberde? We've been planning to see MYMP but don't know how to go there. Pls help me with directions. Thanks, Abie! Enjoy your weekend!