Thursday, June 23, 2005

mobile blogging

i may have found a solution to my i-miss-blogging problem. mobile blogging!

after several weeks of negotiations for a huge and important contract,
i convinced myself that i deserve a treat on top of my weekly
massages - a pda phone. for several days, i searched the net for
reviews and played with the pda phones of my officemates.

on saturday, i finally decided to buy a nokia 9500 communicator. i knew
that it would be cheaper if i got one from globe or smart but their
business centers in megamall didn't have a promo on the communicator.

on sunday, after our father's day lunch, we went to the cybermall in
eastwood. abenson was selling the communicator at zero interest for 6
months. i already got excited upon seeing the sample phone. but before
i purchased the phone, i went up to the smart business center to check
their requirements for a new line (the gprs functions of the phone
wouldn't work with a prepaid line. i wanted to use my old phone for my
existing globe line.) i was so happy to see that they have a promo on
the communicator! unfortunately, the idiot on the counter answered
each of my questions by saying that my paycheck is important:

abie: what are the requirements for getting a line? ganoon din ba ang
requirements if i want to avail of your promo for the communicator?

idiot: ay, maam. important and proof of financial capacity. hindi
ma-a-approve ang application niyo kung hindi niyo ma-meet ang
financial requirements.

abie: ah. ok. pwede na ba ang W2 o kailangan ba ITR?

idiot: ok na ang W2 pero maam, depende talaga sa sweldo niyo kung
ma-a-approve ang application niyo.

abie: aside from the ITR, what do i need to bring?

idiot: valid ID, proof of billing, kung ITR, dapat may kasama na
payslip. pero kailangan niyo talagang ma-meet yung minimum monthly
income requirement.

abie: i'm sure i'll meet that pero di bale na lang. di na kita feel kausapin.

so, i went to globe to bug them in giving me a discount for the
communicator. it turns out that they have a father's day promo. since
rey and i both have globe lines, i was able to get the communicator at
a good price and without need of submitting documents. and now I'm
using it to blog!


i hope this works.


paz said...

hi abie, i just got a palm treo 650 and i love it! i get to check my email and blog anywhere! your's is utterly cool. enjoy your new toy!

pazette said...

ay inggit ako!!! next month when i move to my new company, wala na akong internet access sa office. hmmm maybe i should get a PDA din!

laine said...

congrats on your new phone :)

barefoot said...

i've been wanting to buy a pda phone since i stopped using my ancient palm3xe pda (nabura kasi lahat ng data dahil di ko napalitan ang battery! grr hehe).pero so far, di ko pa nabibili. mahal kasi. haha. kuripot talaga.
anyway, enjoy your new toy ;) update ka na lagi ha?! wala na excuse not to blog haha

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

That's great abie! Now you can blog frequently. Congratulations!!! =)

Diosa said...

hi abie! congrats on your new toy ... i just hope na di mo yan mabagsak-bagsak ha =) happy blogging! miss na kita sis.

Diosa said...

hi abie! congrats on your new toy ... i just hope na di mo yan mabagsak-bagsak ha =) happy blogging! miss na kita sis.