Wednesday, July 06, 2005

afternoon delight

after bugging B for a week, he finally agreed to watch batman with me. we were planning to catch the first show in greenbelt 3 but since i took a long time taking a shower (which is not surprising), we missed it. B suggested that we enjoy a frozen zombie litro (a liter of iced zombie) at masa's while waiting for the 4:50 show.

the zombie was really good! it had a pretty good kick despite its fruity taste. it was perfect with the kesong puti sticks and tokwa't baboy that we ordered. i wanted the nilasing na hipon (my favorite!) but it was not available. we so enjoyed the appetizers that we finished everything in less than 30 minutes! the waiter recommended the clams. he said that he'll ask the chef to make it a little spicy. it's a good thing we listened to him as the clams were the perfect compliment to the zombie! the gluttons that we are finished off the generous serving in less than 15 minutes! but since we were feeling a bit full, we just ordered kesong puti sticks. we also ordered another zombie litro.

after an hour and a half of drinking, we finally left masa's. we passed by the globe hub before going to the cinema to follow up my phone line. the lady at the counter was so nice. she was also efficient as i got my line the next day.

when we got to the cinema floor, we got popcorn from chimara. the lady at the counter was so nice! unfortunately,the popocorn was overcooked so we didn't fully appreciate the white cheddar flavor.

the girl at the cinema door was also cheery. it was then that i realized that i was walking around with a silly grin on my face. no wonder everyone was smiling at me.

the movie featured the darker side of batman. but we enjoyed every minute of it! the puns were funny and the cinematography was great. but the biggest joke was that the supporting actors were bigger stars than the lead. and sorry to christian bale fans, but my tipsy self just didn't see his charm. all i saw was that he needed dental work. i still loved the movie, though.

we passed by grappa's before going home. B wanted to drink their freshly brewed beer. i had to wake early the next morning so i just ordered orange juice. i guess i was still smiling stupidly as the servers were very nice even if i was just wearing a big shirt, really short cut-offs and slippers.

it was a good day. so good that even my nightmares made me smile.

and with B as my hubby, i'm sure there'll be more of that.


paz said...

hi abie, i have yet to see batman. i'm not a big fan of bale nor holmes, but it'll be interesting to see this latest batman film. btw, i have a depakakibo classmate from grade school - his name is marcelo. but my best friend, joy, is from dumangas and she might be a relative of your's! have a good week!

star said...

masarap talaga maging masaya :) more cheery days for you, abie! :)

barefoot said...

abie, i don't trust your after-zombie judgment haha. baka naman kahit anong movie magustuhan mo nun hahaha.
i love kesong puti.gusto ko rin kumain!!!!

Pia said...

that sounded like a giddy afternoon! sarap naman ng food trip niyo! =)

Yax said...

after reading your post, naka-smile na den ako! :) hahah! :lol: kahawa ka naman! :lol:

ansarap talaga kumaen noh! :)

abieco said...

yup. masarap maging masaya. buti na lang mababaw ako at masaya na ako basta may masarap na pagkain! hahaha!