Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Why I Hesitate to Meet Old Friends

The dad of a childhoold friend died so I'm going to the wake tomorrow with some of our other childhood friends. I'm excited to see them again after all these years but I just dread hearing the usual, "What happened to you?" (I put on a ton of weight since college), "When are you giving birth?" (I am centrally obese - arms are relatively thinner than my tummy) and the pakialamera question, "Why don't you have a kid yet?"

I usually answer the what-happened-to-you-question by saying, "Gumanda!" As for the when-are-you-giving-birth-question, I always say, "In 3 years, elepante kasi yung nasa loob." I'm used to these questions, anyway. But sometimes, when I'm having a bad day, I just don't have the humor to take the insult, so I say something nasty and feel bad about it afterwards.

The why-don't-you-have-a-kid-yet question is what usually irritates me. Hindi naman sila yung magpupuyat sa pag-aalaga ng bata o magbabayad ng tuition fees when the kid goes to school. I usually answer that we have no plans to have kids at the moment. Most of the time, they reply by reminding me about my body clock. Ano ba?! Do they think that we didn't consider my ticking body clock when we decided not to have kids at this time? Minsan talaga, gusto ko na lang sabihan, "wala kang karapatang makialam!"

Hay, sana talaga I'll have a good day at work tomorrow so I can bite off my nasty remarks when (unfortunately, not "if") I hear these questions.


Aggie said...

I so know what you mean Abie. I put a ton of weight too, and it sometimes hurts when people look at you differently, tapos imagine if they be tactless about it pa.

As for the kids issue, I think it's best nga na you and MrB are so decided about what you want in your marriage. Kids can really wait, when you are ready, and when you want them. Pag andyan na di mo na yan pwede ibalik sa pinanggalingan, hehehehe :)

Ang galing mo na kumuha ng pictures grabe!!!!!

Cherry Rose said...

i know how it feels abie kasi yong mga classmates ko sa HS palagi nila sinasabi na ang taba2x ko na raw when in fact ideal lang naman ang weight ko sa height ko. well, can't blame them kasi dati naman ang payatot ko pero heller!!! ipangalandakan ba naman na mataba na ako! grrinch! tapos they will ask me kung may baby na ba ako.. aba mga demanding.. sinabihan ba naman ako na dapat magbaby na raw kami ni hubby kasi "what's the point of getting married daw!" haaay! paki nila.. basta pag sinasabihan nila ako na mataba ako i just tell them na sign of prosperity yon. hahahaha!

hay mga taong wala magawa sa buhay. basta ang importante happy tayo kung ano at kung anong meron tayo ngayon.

oki.. haba na ng reply ko. lol. nobela na ba? hehe. welcome back to the blogging world abz and thanks for linking me up. ^_^

jencc said...

i so know what you begins with do you have a boyfriend? when are you getting married? when are you having kids? when are you having your 2nd kid? never ending! that's why i don't ask because i get pissed if people ask me! :)