Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sari-saring Reklamo

pasensya na, i feel like whining today . . .

1. I can't believe I'm so cheap that I'm still not willing to pay for a decent photo site to house my beloved pictures. This week, I've been busy migrating my photos from Yahoo to Multiply. Yahoo is closing down YahooPhotos (waaah!) and will be deleting all the pictures uploaded in the site by September. I've tried using the automatic migration but only a few pictures were migrated to Multiply. So now, I'm downloading my pictures per album. Kakatamad.

2. I have an awfully stiff neck. This morning, I heard something dripping on the side of the bed. I was so sleepy that I just craned my neck to take a look. I felt my neck slowly stiffen. Kainis! It's so uncomfortable I decided to put some Salonpas ointment on it. Now, my neck's still stiff and I smell like a senior citizen.

3. I brought chicken asparagus soup to work today. When I was about to eat it(excited pa naman ako), I discovered that it was already spoiled.

4. Our internet is painfully slow tonight!

Mabuti na lang, maganda pa rin ako. Hahaha.


Anonymous said...

nakakatuw aka abs.. bsta always think maganda ka pa rin no matter what happen.. hihihihi

Kaje said...

hi abie! i migrated mine from yahoophotos to flickr, nalipat naman nila lahat ng pics in less than two days. maybe because yahoo may-ari ng flickr? they also gave me three months free of pro account...pag malapit na magexpire yun dapat nakaipon na ako ng panrenew :)

abieco said...

thanks, amore!

kaje, madali nga lang mag-tranfer sa flickr kaya lang may limit yung number ng albums. e hindi pa ako prepared magbayad for a pro account!