Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Body Attack

Once upon a time, I was a gym rat. I worked out at the gym at least 3 times a week with a personal trainer. I lost several pounds and my body mass index vastly improved.

One day, I was a bride at our wedding and lived happily ever after.

Unfortunately, living "happily ever after" meant buffet meals, wine and cheese after a day's work, midnight calls to McDonald's delivery, trying out the specialties of new and newly-discovered restaurants, watching movies with burger, fries, pizza and softdrinks on our laps, and 20 lbs. of body fat.

So there I was at the gym, 2 years and a few months later, at the prodding of my childhood friend, Sarah. We thought it would be fun to join a class so we hopped in one that fit our schedule, the Body Attack. After a few minutes, I was huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. I ran as if I was the king's messenger and danced the salsa with the enthusiasm, but sadly not the grace, of Esmeralda. I kicked and punched as if slaying dragons.

After the class, I was as red as a poisonous apple and was ready to sleep for a hundred years. Unfortunately, like the seven dwarves, I'm off to work in the morning. But since I don't want to be mistaken as a fairy godmother (I really think the glam wicked witch had a lot more character), I'm going back to wage another war with my flab at the gym.

Seriously, though, I really had lots of fun tonight (even if during the "Forever Young Running Segment" I really thought I was going to be forever young as I was ready to drop dead on the floor!). I love being with Sarah because I don't have to worry about how I look and how I act when I'm with her - she already saw me without front teeth when I was a kid! We also laughed so hard when she confessed that she was pressured to keep up with the routine because she was embarassed to stop - she has been regularly going to the gym for months and felt that she should keep up with me, who was having my first serious work out in years. I admitted that I couldn't stop because I was running after my heart.

We had so much fun that we decided to meet at the gym at least twice a week. Aside from the laughter, working out would definitely improve our chances of prolonging our ever after.


bernardandclarice said...

Ako naman nagkasakit so absent ako sa sessions ko ng dalawang araw. Biruin mo, pagbalik ko parang nanadya yung personal trainer ko at ang hirap ng routine ko! Hahaha! Gumanti! Never na ako aabsent!

Haaay! Sana magkaroon ng saysay itong ginagawa ko. Being so attached to my bilbil, ang hirap to let go! Hahaha!

Sabi ng PT ko, isipin ko na lang daw na ginagawa rin ni JLo (the wedding planner) yung ginagawa ko! Hahaha!

abieco said...

ako rin, attached na sa aking bilbilbil!

sana talaga may saysay itong ginagawa natin. mas masarap talagang matulog kaysa mag-gym. hahaha!

len said...

nakaka-inspire naman ito, i've been thinking about enrolling in dance classes pero until now thinking pa rin ako at walang aksyon, hehe :)

unstoppable na ang balakang ko sa paglaki kaya gudlaaak!