Sunday, March 02, 2008

Made in Japan

Here are some pics from my Tokyo trip:

25 February 2008 - my room at the ANA Intercontinental hotel, my home for 5 days.

My first meal in Japan - I checked in the hotel right before the sunset. After unpacking my things, I walked around the vicinity of the hotel. Japan looked clean and colorful, with all its neon signs and vending machines (there are probably 2 on each corner!) Too tired to have a full meal (I was lugging around my clothes on top of the 300 copies of the brochure), I decided to join the numerous professionals who pop in one of the convenience stores to grab a sandwich. I get lucky and get the best shrimp sandwich I ever tasted and tried on one of the Japanese juices, lemon peel and honey.

26 February 2008 - Japanese trinkets sold on the way to Senso-ji temple is Asakusa.

My favorite shot - fashionable Japanese girls on their way to Senso-ji temple

An interesting site - a caucasian dressed in a kimono being interviewed in front of the 200-lb bell at the entrance of Senso-ji temple

Still in Asakusa, a Japanese woman starts her day.

27 February 2008 - inside the Tokyo National Arts Center. The building was just so beautiful with its curved lines and the amazing shadows they create.

Shibuya Crossing is the world's busiest intersection. 6 streets meet at the center and all pedestrians area allowed to cross at the same time.

28 February 2008 - sunset at the Imperial Palace. The grounds of the Imperial Palace were so huge that we decided to just stroll around the water fountain and the nearby park. I found the sunset more beautiful than the fountain.

The sunset reflected on the building behind the fountain.

This was taken by the palace wall.

29 February - rush hour at the Shinjuku station; this station is said to be the busiest station in the world, with 2 million people passing through it everyday. I went there at 8:45 AM and literally got confused with the hundreds of people rushing to work.


Myra Cherchio said...

these are amazing photos abie! i love that you shoot with an e-500 like me. can't be 4/3 lenses for unbelievable quality. these are stunning!

~dowadee~ said...

abie!ur getting better & better at this! these are really great pictures!!I wish i have ur with envy =)hahaha!