Sunday, November 25, 2007


After watching several Korean TV series (The Wedding, My Girl, Kim Sam Soon, Princess Hours, Fantasy Couple, Full House, Vineyard Man, One Fine Day and Memories in Bali,) B and I are taking a break this weekend.

We're now watching movies from other Asian countries! This morning, we watched Hong Kong's Invisible Target. We so loved the movie - the action scenes were fast paced and beautifully choreographed, and Jacky Chan's son knows how to act.

I also got to watch Taiwan's Crying Out Loud from the Center of the World and enjoyed the cinematography that left my mouth open during the whole movie. I felt like I was watching a slideshow of postcards! The story was also beautifully presented. Surprisingly, I didn't shed a single tear but I was truly moved by it.

Another video that caught my attention is from America's Got Talent. Terry Fator is simply amazing!

Here's Terry's rendition of What a Wonderful World:


Grace G. said...

Hi Abie! I like Terry Factor too and voted for him in America's God Talent. :)

shinyhapps said...

go to for online asian everything via streaming. watch kekkon dekinai otoko, it's hilarious. for movies, look for "needing you" (andy lau), "and i hate you so", and "turn left, turn right"- all are romantic comedies for light viewing.