Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why I Don't Get To Blog . . .

He was so cute in Coffee Prince I had to check out his old movies as well (My Tutor Friend, She's on Duty, and B is still looking for the others.)

Jumong. 81 episodes. 1 hour each. 2 weeks.

He was such a cutie in Art of Seduction, too.

I'm now thinking of checking out his other movies and telenovelas. I guess I'll decide when I catch up on sleep.

And of course,

It took me a week to prepare for my presentation and another couple of days to help other lawyers prepare for their presentation. I had to present twice during the 2-day training and had to record the presentation all over again when I got back to Manila. Getting the Polish visa was so much trouble but seeing Warsaw was worth all the effort.

Maybe I'll get to write about Warsaw when I stop finding Korean cuties on DVD. :)


Joey said...

Sure, blame it on the cute guy :). Ako, I haven't gotten to update my online store din (kakahiya kay Rey, I promised pa naman) but I have a good excuse! :)

Looking forward to reading about your trip soon!

Mich said...

Hi Abie! dropping by here! ang cutie nya nga! I heard ok daw ang Jumong. ok ba? :)

abby said...

abie, musta bakasyon nyo?

hope all's well! :)

Anonymous said...

hi abie, this is dana. i am so impressed with your wedding invites that if it's ok with you, we would like to make it as our template for our wedding this jan? we'll change the pix of course and have it copied professionally. i just want to ask your permission (kc it's your intellectual property, hehe). i hope i'd get a reply here. i dont know how to contact you. thanks so much. -dana ni carlo

abieco said...

Hi, Dana ni Carlo. Sure you can use the design of our wedding invites! Have fun on your wedding preps.

dana ni carlo said...

hi abie :) thank u sooo much! everyone was impressed with the layout. we had it done by QP Designs (it was a challenge daw kasi 1st time nila, siempre ehem for add'l fees, hehe). u can check it out at (in the wedding details album, just dont mind the libo-libong pix i posted there, hehe). thanks ulit!