Saturday, March 04, 2006

Nananaginip ng gising

NOTE: This was supposed to be published earlier today, except that my computer crashed early in the morning, had to be reformatted, and so I spent the whole day re-installing my programs.

Consistent with our no-week-end-spending-until-after-the-Europe-trip, B and I spent the whole weekend at home. B was playing "Pirates", a pc game that required the lead character to travel around the Carribean. This inspired me to surf on the places that I wanted to visit (except Western Europe as we were still waiting for our visa at that time.)

And so, I started surfing on Eastern Europe (more specifically, Prague, Budapest and Bucharest), the areas which I call the cold Europe (Amsterdam, Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Spain, Portugal, Oceania (Sydney in Australia and New Zealand), Alaska (for the aurora borealis!), Greece and Turkey. I spent the whole afternoon looking at pictures (which made me want to go to Salzburg as well), figuring out routes (I discovered that Santorini island in Greece is a bit difficult to go to so I guess the best way to get to the nice places in Greece is to join a cruise!), learning about the weather (I will not be able to tolerate winter in Alaska but the aurora borealis only appears at around that time, so I guess I'll have to join another cruise) and the cost of visiting these places (it will take me years to get to any of them). There's a lot of the world to see and I was so engrossed that I didn't stop until it was time to go to bed.

As I joined B in bed, I couldn't help but whisper, "matutulog pa ba ako, e kanina pa ako nananaginip?"


barefoot said...

abie, welcome back!!! hehe anyway, good luck with the trip planning. would love to travel all over the world, kaso magastos :P mukhang pang local lang kami from now on..haha! i haven't had the time to write about our trip (este marami pala akong time dati kaso ang tamad ko) but i'm planning to..kahit pics lang :( haaaay. eto itinerary namin-> sing-paris-avignon-nice-venice-florence-siena-rome-barcelona-paris-sing. if you have questions on any of those places, feel free to ask (haha, i'm not an expert, baka lang may maitulong ako).
glad you enjoyed nusa dua :)

abieco said...

hi, favel. ang dami niyong napuntahan! medyo mas simple itinerary namin kasi we'd like to linger in paris and rome. here's our itinerary - manila - florence (abie only)- pisa (abie only)- rome (kasama na si b!)- venice - paris - brugge - brussels - manila. mauuna ako ng 3 days kay rey, di niya type pumunta sa florence (actually, di siya pinayagan mag-leave ng matagal!).

paz said...

uy, abie, pls. share pics and kwentos, of course! have fun!

abieco said...

hi, paz. i'll definitely take a lot of pics. sana maganda lumabas!