Thursday, March 09, 2006

Happy Meal Near McDonalds

I had dinner with officemates last night at Je Suis Gourmand at the Fort (near McDonalds) and the food was excellent!

We loved the pate platter - it had different types of pate, all of them creamy and tasty. We also enjoyed the prawn and smoked salmon salad. The prawns weren't so big but they were perfectly grilled and the smoked salmon was creamy and tasty. It also had some greens (except arugula! yey! for arugula lovers, they have arugula with smoked salmon). I also got to taste the roasted vegetables and feta cheese salad - the vegetables were just lightly roasted and the feta cheese was a good foil to the vinaigrette dressing.

An officemate likes their pea soup and their pasta. I didn't get to taste these dishes, though.

For the main course, we had the duck confit which was tender and served with mushrooms. We also got to taste the lapu-lapu, which, by itself was light but flavorful, but tasted rich and creamy when eaten with the sauce (the sauce was so yummy that it can be eaten with bread!). An officemate loved their braised lamb shank in peppered mushroom sauce.

For dessert, we liked the creme brulee, the strawberry sherbet and the grand marnier sherbet.

The owner is a French chef who is married to a Filipina.

It is best to reserve a table before going to the resto as it only has a few tables and it gets filled up quickly. Their number is: 8158801.


paz said...

more and more excellent restaurants are popping up in manila. that's great!

clarice said...

i read about je suis gourmand in Colors. sarap nga daw!

see you on monday! :)

abieco said...

ok talaga ang food dito sa manila, paz. you don't have to pay so much for excellent food.

clarice! mas masarap pa in our case kasi free. hehe.

Pia said...

yaay you're back to blogging! i've heard good reviews about je suis gourmand... duck sounds tempting! =) sayang, no longer physically possible to check out those restos now hahaha!

abieco said...

hi, pia! sa susunod na lang na pagbisita mo dito sa manila - daming bagong restos.

Cary Lagdameo said...

Hi, I recently came across your blog about Gourmand and just wanted to say that we are very pleased that you enjoyed your meal with us. I just wanted to add that, if you haven't visited us in a while, we recently renovated the retaurant. The restaurant is now bigger with a seperate bar area and two function rooms. We have also added quite a number of dishes to our menu. Please come visit us again when you have the chance! Our numbers are still the same: 815-8801/8802