Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I can finally blog!

Nope, I wasn't too busy too blog. In fact, my workload has been quite manageable these past few days that I managed to squeeze in a highly enjoyable non-client related work this morning - I spent half the day looking at photo albums for our Firm's anniversary.

The problem is that everytime that I try to blog, I encounter a big problem - all 180 lbs of it. B. He's now into blogging and has been using our sole internet connection everytime I feel like blogging. (We each have a computer but since we only have 1 phone line, we're forced to share an internet connection.) I don't mind, though, as I love reading his blogs, which, despite the curses, complaints and the batallion of big words, never fail to make me laugh.

But now that he's into writing his story (he's still deciding if it will be a short story or a novel), I get to use the internet! Yey! Nope, he hasn't stopped blogging, it just happended that he already published his blogs by the time I got home.

Yaiks. Now that I can blog, I have no idea what to write! So, I'll just bore you with details of what I did last weekend.


Oh well, I did write about my weekend but my computer had other ideas, froze and refused to work. But for the curious, here's the quick list of what I did to spare B of the horrible takaw-away effects of my PMS - I had an intense diamond peel at Blue Mountains (it was so great! They were able to take out my facial blemishes without having to do any pricking), followed by a foot spa at the California Advance Nail-Care Specialists (they used an exfoliating lotion that saved them from having to physically slough the old skin from my legs and feet) and went back to Blue Mountains for a Swedish massage (it was pretty relaxing). I was lucky enough to have able therapists (Grace, Glen and Gemma) so I truly enjoyed my day!

Unfortunately, I got a series of not-so-bad-but-really-irritating news as soon as I got home, so I was back to my PMS mood when I got home to B. One of the irritants was the fact that there was no food left for me when I got home. I was so hungry that I called up KFC for some nourishment. I got 2 salads for me (Asian and Ceasar) and a 2-piece chicken meal for B. The Asian salad was edible but the Ceasar was terrible! The dressing was too thick and the usual chicken slices were so microscopic to be even noticed. B's chicken meal was a disaster! The two pieces of chicken were the size of chicken nuggets!!! By the time we finished our meals, we were both in PMS modes.

But B being B, still gave me a hug while he was deep in sleep. As for me, I was my usual batugan self, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


star said...

ahaha, addicted na rin sa blog ang hubby mo. hmm, i have yet to visit his blog. anyways, it's been a while, abie. i hope all's well in your way. hey, i miss KFC's salads. and those pampering sessions too. must have felt so relaxed and pretty afterwards.

pazette said...

uy what's a diamond peel? something like a dermabrasion ba? i want to try that too!

punta pala kaming ho chi minh city sa june for our anniversary trip. i'll dig up your post on vietnam ;)

len said...

blue mountain sounds promising! is it expensive there? :) sana i can try it out too. services in the spa i used to frequent have deteriorated.

natawa naman ako, even rey got into pms mode! hehe! edward's also interested in having his own site for posting his pictures kaya lang mahiyain pa. i'll coax him to try it na rin

abieco said...

hi, star! yes, i did feel so relaxed and pretty afterwards.

pazette, here's what I got from their website:

"IDP is the latest in microdermabrasion. Previously, loose crystals (e.g. aluminum oxide) were used to slough away dead skin cells, however, this could cause skin irritation as there was less control over the procedure. With IDP, diamond crystals physically attached to a rotating wand are used making this a far more controlled and safe procedure."

as for vietnam, naku! i have to type up my food reviews! i took a note of all our lunches and dinners.

len, they're a bit expensive but i got the IDP cards at a wholesale price so diamond peel is just P500. a massage is around P600. for massages, i go to soniare in tomas morato. a massage in a private room is P500. if you want a hard but really good massage, look for Shela.