Thursday, April 14, 2005

due to the number coding scheme here in metro manila, i can't use our car in makati on mondays. and with the pink fences all over edsa, my travel time from capitol hills to makati has been extended from 1 hour to 1 hour and a half. this means that hailing a cab at 10 am on mondays is as difficult as finding a size 6 pair of shoes at 7 pm during a midnight madness sale in glorietta.

last monday was not an exception. B drove me to quezon city hall where the sheer presence of police officers force taxi drivers to accept passengers regardless of the destination. as soon as i got out of our car, i was able to hail a cab. but as soon as i told the driver about my destination, he started to grumble, curse and drive as if he had diarrhea. he'd heavily step on the gas and the brake pedals in 5 to 10 second intervals. 30 minutes into the ride, it took all efforts for me not to barf. 15 minutes later, i was dreaming of barfing all over his seatcovers just so i can have my revenge. i got to the office in 55 minutes.

since i didn't get to barf inside the cab, i just consoled myself by paying the exact fare in old P20 bills and lots of coins.


on tuesday, while having another check-up, i needed to have some forms signed at the laboratory of capitol med. as soon as you enter the door, you'll see hugh yellow laminated numbers and a sign requesting patients to wait for their number to be called. i got number 29. unfortunately, while mrs. laboratory was entertaining number 28, numbers 34 and 35 stood in front of the counter.

as soon as she finished entertaining number 28, mrs. laboratory entertained number 35. i got irritated and approached the counter and nicely reminded mrs. laboratory that she was supposed to call clients by numbers. mrs. laboratory replied that she didn't take so much time entertaining number 35. as soon as she finished entertaining number 35, number 34 started waiving her documents and her number to mrs. laboratory. when mrs. laboratory started to get the papers, i beat her to it and gave her my forms and my number instead. only after mrs. laboratory finished signing my forms did i leave number 34's documents on the counter. she should thank her lucky stars that i didn't give in to the urge of tearing her documents to pieces.


and since bad luck comes in threes, the atm along jp rizal in makati captured my card for no apparent reason. so tomorrow, i have to claim my atm in makati then have the cubao branch activate it. on a payday. hay.


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on a happier note, i was able to visit Ciara Creates to have a necklace made.

our firm's celebrating its 25th anniversary in makati shang this april. we're required to wear business formals so i'm stuck to wearing a suit. upon the suggestion of francis (of njork, rey insisted on having them sew my suit) i'm planning to use the necklace to dress up my otherwise boring outfit.

i met ciara for the first time and immediately realized that the pictures in her website didn't do her justice. she was much prettier in person. she also patiently explained what type of materials she uses and she let me try on a few pieces. her jewelry are so pretty that i ended up buying a couple of earrings.

the prices of her jewelry are not greenhills cheap but i like the materials she uses. i also like her designs. i can't wait to see my necklace!

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this post is so boring that i'm starting to fall asleep as i write it.


pazette said...

abie!!! i love the earrings! show us a picture of your necklace when you have it na ha. i also ordered a very kikay-pretty necklace from a local website here, but i have to wait for a couple more weeks before they can deliver. too excited, i can't wait!

laine said...

waaahhh...i can't see the earrings!! i think there's something wrong w/ photobucket :(

abie, if you need a cab, i'll give you the contact numbers of my trusted taxi companies.... :)

laine said...

i can see the earrings now! they're pretty!!! i love them! =D

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

:( so sad to hear about your ordeals.

Anyways, I have to agree that the earrings are nice. I'm sure the necklace would be equally gorgeous. Btw, do you where is Ciara's shop? I still don't have wedding accessories.

Yax said...

hi abie! :) the earring are really pretty! can u please please post her website? thanks so much! :)

abieco said...


Pazette, I'll post a pic of the necklace as soon as I get it. Post mo rin necklace mo, ha!

Hi, Lilac! Sige, as long as it's not R&E and Avis, I'll get the cumbers of your trusted cab companies. (Don't get me wrong, I love Avis and R&E but they refuse to pick up passengers in our area!)

Nice and Yax, Her name is Ciara Marasigan. Here are her contact details:
tel. nos.: 8965450, 8994080,
address: 1886 Milagros St., Santiago Village, Makati (From Buendia, take Reposo street, go past Jupiter and Kalayaan, after crossing Kalayaan, turn left on the second street. 1886 is a few houses from the corner.)

mrs.S said...

wow, the earrings are lovely!!! i saw some of ciara's stuff in solea, and they're all sooo pretty. hmmm, must visit her soon!

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