Wednesday, December 01, 2004

love my shoes!

i now have 2 pairs of shoes for the wedding that are almost the same - the first is the practical and sensible version, the other is its irresistible sexy counterpart.

i got the practical and sensible version a few weeks ago. the shoes were ok and the price was unbelievable for the quality of the shoes (less than P800!). however, since the material used isn't my favorite italian leather (as my friend, k, would say it, italian leather feels like a baby's skin!)

in that same week, i passed by my favorite local shoe store, via venetto, and my penchant for shoe shopping paid off - the owner volunteered to make me a pair of shoes in the design that i wanted. so i picked the material that i wanted (silver italian leather!!!), chose a type of heel, a strap and the shape of the foot pad. when i got them yesterday, they were so perfect! it was also nice hearing one of the sales ladies in the store tell a customer that "ay, nag-iisa lang ho 'yan. custom-made kasi, e . . . naku, sa kaniya lang pumayag yung may-ari magpa-custom-made."

since i haven't purchased my ballet flats yet (i purchased the black version which i wear to the office at least twice a week!) i'm thinking of wearing the sensible and practical version with my bridal gown and the sexy pair during the reception. (i already have a pair of black leather slippers for my dressing gown.)

footnote about via venetto - some people find their shoes too expensive considering that they're locally made. i disagree. their prices are lower than that of nine west but they use better materials and their shoes are really comfy! the quality of their shoes is also far better than most local brands.


mrs.S said...


abie, ang ganda ng custom made shoes mo! it's sooo sexy!!! you're right, the sexy ones will go great with your reception dress. add pa the "come hither" earrings...WOW!

you're so lucky that via venetto agreed to make your shoes. inggit ako!!! :)

tin ni roLand

abieco said...

sobra talaga akong happy that they agreed to make my bridal shoes for me!