Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 random things about me

Yup - got tagged in Facebook several times. I meant to complete this 2 weeks ago but never got to start drafting until I got stuck in traffic along C-5 on my way to work this morning.

1. i seldom drink coffee but i make brewed coffee everyday.

2. brewing coffee is the only kitchen-related task that i do for B.

3. i don't go to the kitchen to make coffee. our coffee maker is in our bedroom, beside the electric kettle. I use the hotwater from the kettle for my tea.

4. i love loose-leaf teas.

5. tea is supposed to help digestion and keep weight down. i've been drinking tea for 2 decades but i just keep on gaining weight specially around my stomach.

6. which is why people always think i'm pregnant.

7. i don't mind when people think i'm pregnant, i'm quite used to it.

8. and i hope they don't mind if i use their misconception to my advantage - i get good bargains (people seem to think that they will get lucky if they sell stuff to a preggie), i don't have to run when flying on budget airlines, and i didn't have to climb the stairs of arc de triomphe (B and i got to take the elevator!)

9. i have never been pregnant and i don't think i'll ever be. we're child-free by choice. (this is a nicer way of saying that i have no plans of losing sleep over a 3-month old tyrant.)

10. but i don't mind helping B take care of his 17-year old daughter, G. (she doesn't give me sleepless nights and i don't have to wash her when she poops!)

11. i first met G when she was 2. B and I were a couple for 10 years before we got married (it took him that long to convince me that he wouldn't wear my underwear.)

12. we were gimmick buddies for a year and a half before we got together. we've been married for 4 years (thankfully, even if i gained so much weight since the wedding, he still wouldn't fit in my underwear.)

13. we've been living with B's mom for all those 4 years. i don't mind living with my mother-in-law. She runs the house like a hotel (we have room service every breakfast!) and cooks really delicious food.

14. i love good food and it shows - it goes straight to my stomach and never leaves it.

15. B's my eating buddy. we often try out new restos and for the past 5 years, we give each other a point for each good resto that we recommend. the score's at 64-63, in B's favor. i don't mind losing to him on this for as long as he's fatter than me.

16. the last point I received was for Cely's carinderia in Angeles City, Pampanga. for P385, B and I had really good bulalo, the best chicken barbecue that B has ever tasted, the best sisig I've ever tasted, rice and 7-up. the food we ordered was good for 4 people but we finished everything anyway.

17. we were in Pampanga to check out the hot air balloon festival but we ended spending most of our time eating, sleeping and biking. that's how we are when we travel - we make detailed plans but we don't mind setting aside our plans if we feel like doing something else. (actually, what really happened was that we were horrified when we saw the number of people trying to enter the site!)

18. i just learned how to ride a bike last December using a bike that Marian gave me (thanks, Marian!). I've been riding a bike at least twice a week since then. I'm now using Gen's (pronounced as "Jen") bike (thanks, Ojai and Gen!) I love the feel of the wind on my face when I'm biking, it reminds me of distant places with flowers, rivers and fresh air.

19. i love going to distant places with flowers, rivers and fresh air. forget the flowers, rivers and fresh air - i love going to distant places.

20. i seldom shop when i travel. i'm happy to just keep on looking at the pictures that i took. pero di ako nagwagi sa New York - if satan used outlet shops to tempt people to sin, i'd definitely go to hell.

21. i love pictures! we had 3 photographers at our wedding and i didn't regret getting all of them. i bought an entry level dslr (olympus e-500) a couple of years ago so that i could have good pictures when i travel, only to realize that if i was taking the picture, i wouldn't be on it.

22. i think that i take good pictures (hey, my entry just won first place at the Olyclub's monthly contest!) but i'll never be a brilliant photographer. i just don't have the patience to carry all the necessary gears and wait for the perfect moment.

23. photography is just like my other skills/talents - i'm a jill of all trades but master of none. i sing (sang with the Ateneo Glee Club in college), play the piano and the violin (achieved level 4 as certified by the British School of Music), write, act (i studied Creative Writing in high school but graduated as a Theater Arts major), dance, organize events, eat a whole spring chicken with 2 plates of rice, fall on a bike when I wasn't moving in the first place, get drunk on fruit juice, and hide my jewelry so well that i couldn't find them again.

24. the only skill i am really good at is sleeping - i can sleep anytime, anywhere! B thinks I'm narcoleptic.

25. i think that my chow, Porkchop, is narcoleptic, but still find her adorable even if she's asleep most of the day. i treat her like a baby except when she gets on my nerves in which case i kick her out of the house and let her sleep at the garage.


~dowadee~ said...

:) enjoyed reading this sis!

Tintin.Tetay said...

fellow n@wie here. that was an interesting read. i enjoyed it, too. :)

Suzanne said...

Now you got me searching for Cely's Carinderia in Angeles! :D

Thanks, Abie! It's nice knowing you more! Love your big dog too!

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