Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reasons to Stay at Home on a Sunday

1. B (yak.)
2. Porkchop (?)
3. downloaded movies/tv series
4. a good easy-read
5. a comfy bed
6. relatively fast internet connection
7. beautifully cooked meals

Who am i kidding? I don't need any reason to stay at home and stay in bed the whole day on a Sunday!


Faye said...

ang sarap namn nito! :) nagutom tuloy ako :)

Grace G. said...

Hi Abie! Those are really great reasons to stay home! The food is so yummy, did Rey's mom make them? :)

abieco said...
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abieco said...

Yup. Masarap talaga yung prawns! Unfortunately, wala akong kinalaman sa pagluto niyan.

And yes, Rey's mom cooked the prawns.