Monday, October 30, 2006

Down with the Flu

I was fine Friday evening. I just felt a little stiffness on my back so I had a massage which brought me straight to dreamland. A few hours later, I woke up feeling like someone poured glue into my nostrils - I couldn't breathe and I felt like my brain had solidified. And I felt really heavy, so heavy that I couldn't stand or sit for more than a couple of minutes. Thinking that I was dreaming, I went back to sleep. My sleep was unusually light, I woke up everytime B moved. As the sun started to shine, I woke up feeling like a block of cement was weighing down my chest. I was down with the flu. Too bad I got it on the 28th, as we were supposed to go to my brother's house for my sister-in-law's birthday and their village trick or treat. I guess I'll be using the horns that I bought for trick or treat next year.

Two days, decongestants, a mucolytic, a steam treatment, a kilo of fruits and liters of orange juice after, I am still sick. I can breathe through 1 nostril, my brain has been turned to mush and my throat has become so itchy that I start scratching my neck. I am now able to sit and walk a few meters but I feel like I'm walking in a cloud. I croak like a frog when I speak.

This is boring, I can't do anything. I get dizzy when I read and sleepy when I watch TV. I guess I'll just go back to bed and sleep.