Monday, May 15, 2006

Abie's Answers (A's) to N@W's Thursday Questions (Q's)

1. What was your high school mascot?

A gecko. I studied in Philippine High School for the Arts which is located at the National Arts Center in Mt. Makiling. We never had a human-sized mascot but the image of the gecko appeared in most of our school stuff - shirts, banners, yearbooks, shadow plays, etc.

2. What's the last time you stayed up having a grand time after 2 AM?

A few days ago. B and I were watching episodes from the second season of House.

3. Anything you want to whine about today?

I have so much to do!

First, there's work. Ever since I got back from our vacation (which was so much fun, by the way) my accounts have required much work - meetings from 9 am to 9 pm, several opinions and a month's work of contract revew which I need to finish within a week. Aggravating this huge amount of work is that our clients and their foreign counterparts smoke during meetings! My poor lungs suffered for a week and I'm now back to bringing my asthma meds with me everywhere I go.

Second, we have no helpers at home!!! Last March, B fired our personal helper (Mama, my Mother-in-law, has Nellie and Mercy.) We got a replacement in April but the replacement resigned allegedly because her mother sent her home. Later, we found out that she needed to go home so that she can enroll for her senior year in high school. So, I guess she was just in Manila for a "summer job". Kainis! Anyway, she left on May 7 and we haven't found any replacement since then (it's not easy to find one who's willing to take care of Porkchop.) On 11 May, Nellie and Mercy went to Masbate. They had to take a vacation at the same time because Nellie will be marrying Mercy's brother. Mercy will be back next Friday, Nellie will spend more time in Masbate before coming back to Manila. Mama has been sincerely willing to do most of the household chores, but good manners and pride prevent me from letting her do all the work. So, every morning, I wake up an hour early so I can feed the dog and prepare breakfast. After breakfast, I wash the dishes, clean the bathroom floor while taking a bath, clean the sink and its counter after washing my face, sweep our bedroom floor and make the bed before I go to work. I swear, I'm already tired even before I leave the house. I try to finish all my work at the office before 7 so I can be at home by 8. By then, B would have fed the dog and prepared dinner. I eat dinner and wash the dishes before I go up to our bedroom. This morning, I dropped off our laundry at my parent's house (hindi na kaya ng powers ko maglaba!). Tonight, I will have to iron B's pants. Hay.

4. How will you & your spouse spend some quality time this weekend?

Saturday evening, we ordered pizza and mojos. After feeding the dog, we went to bed and chatted for hours. On Sunday, we watched Hostel on DVD in the morning, had lunch with Mama in Casa Armas at the Podium, went to Metrowalk to buy a few more DVDs in teh afternoon, then watched a Korean movie (A Millionaire's First Love) in the evening. I fell asleep in the middle of the movie. Hehe.

5. What are you celebrating this month?

My mom's birthday - May 12 (my sis and I went to the cemetery a week ago)
Mothers' Day - had lunch with Mama at Casa Armas

6. The last time your car got filled up with gas -- how much did it come to?

Last week, the gas tank was still 1/4 full when I put in P1000 worth of gas. The needle went a little above the 3/4 mark. Last time I had a full tank, I paid around P1,550.00. I spend around P1,800 on gas every week!


len said...

your back from europe na? woohoo! kwentos and pictures na ito!

abieco said...

hi, len! we've been back last april 26 pa pero sobrang daming work kaya wala pa ring kwento. pics muna: